Being a musician for many decades surely has its mark on the creative paths and the vision these musicians have. And in the case of Beat The Drum, Chris Calloway and Steve Murell have been in the business since the late 80s/early 90s. Their latest single “It’s All Gonna Go ” deals with being rich and blissful, yet still feeling greedy and insatiable. The verses of the song remind me of bands like The Cranberries and Pearl Jam, in the sense that a clean/acoustic guitar alternates with an electric guitar in a grungy way that’s a staple of 2000s alternative rock, but still shows some 90s flavour. I loved how the accompanying music video shows movie characters whose lives are on the brink of falling apart. Another strong feature of the song is the bass line and drumming, which serve as a good foundation for the varied guitars. While the guitar lines themselves do not have a lot of innovation, the arrangement of two different guitar sounds was beautiful, and served that feeling of how all the riches of those blissful people are bound to be gone. The song is likeable enough to become a commercial hit, without being lazy or too simple. It’s pretty hard to produce a track that’s both catchy and full of nice subtle details in the writing, and this is where this track wins. If you’re looking for an enjoyable and easy listen with well-written lyrics, then this is the right track for you.