Thinking of spending a whole day with that special someone but missing some tracks, then “Itar Shameh” has got you covered. In their Album “Baitna” (Our Home), you’ll be able to find the tracks suitable for those special occasions.

The Songs “Shi” and “Matar” are more suitable for a Date night in town or if you want to make it more fun why not try something different like ballroom dancing? You can Tango to “Kazzab” or Waltz-it-up to “Eve”, sure a little weird but hey isn’t life about experiencing new things and better with your other half, so what have you got lose.  

The band is founded by Ibrahim Sulaimani, who is a composer and a guitar player, and Rasha Rizk, who is a professor at the Higher Institute for Music at Opera Department. Their music floats between Jazz, Rock, Funk, Latin music with an Arabian twist.

But here’s a little fun fact, they both worked at “Al Zuhra” Production company, the owner of the famous TV channel for kids “Spacetoon”, where Rasha worked as a vocalist and song writer and Ibrahim in the dubbing department and as a composer.