Photo credit: Ryan Persinger.

Charmian Devi is a Canadian singer-songwriter who recently released her latest single “It Took You By Surprise” which is co-produced by Tony Garnier (Bob Dylan and the Band).

Usually, I lean more toward artists who have more than one musical direction throughout their careers. Charmian Devi her musical path started in punk band she lead a tight trio, opening for acts like 7 year Bitch and No means No. Together with other remarkable NW grunge/punk bands from the 1990s, they toured extensively, regularly covering the NW circuit from Seattle to Portland, San Francisco, LA, Vancouver, and throughout Canada. Devi’s music gained popularity on Canadian and American college radio, with chart-topping CDs. They were compared to bands like The Dead Kennedys. Later, Devi founded L.I.A.R in London before collaborating with John Lok on alternative pop music. The recording journey ended in NYC with producer Marc Urselli.

Last year, her single “In the Week of Love” was highly acclaimed by critics and fans alike and received over 25,000 listeners. And she strikes again with another rockin’ hit “It Took You By Surprise” which features Tony Garnier (Bob Dylan) on upright bass.

While enjoying the track, you’ll notice the nostalgic essence of pure classic rock that seems to be missing in today’s music scene. Charmian Devi‘s emotive vocals effortlessly draw you in, making you want to groove to the music and add the song to your daily playlist. The collaboration with Tony Garnier maintains the original ’70s sound, and the co-production beautifully blends elements for a harmonious track. The tight rhythm and strong core of the song caught my attention, and upon checking the press information, I discovered that the drums/percussion by Dan Hickey (known for work with Cyndi Lauper, B-52’s, They Might Be Giants) and guitars by Connor Kennedy greatly contributed to the overall chemistry of the song.

At present, many artists may not be inclined towards the technical aspects. However, in this scenario, the selection of Dave Nelson was a fantastic choice to enhance the song’s cohesiveness and ensure it became an iconic rock hit. Charmian Devi stands out as a rising star in my view, evident in her expertise and fusion of traditional and contemporary styles. Get ready to be captivated by her charm and let Charmian Devi amaze you, and listen to”It Took You By Surprise” below.