Myke Toman

Have you ever looked at someone and felt like they’ve put a spell on you? As if your eyeballs can only move when this one does. The magic spark of love is captured smoothly and passionately in Mark Winters’s “It Moves In You.”

The Rock singer/songwriter and guitarist based in Texas, has a wide range of interests. He excelled in them all, and in his own spectacular way, he used them with their variety in his music. He has an undergrad degree in aerospace engineering, experience in math and science, and has loved poetry since a very young age.

In his latest single, “It Moves In You,” you can clearly see how his love of poetry has influenced him. All of the elements are endearing to the soul. On the one hand, the full of affection lyricism conveys how it feels to be head over heels, and on the other, it depicts the song itself and how it’ll get you; Hypnotized and Mesmerized, with its dreamy rhythms and smooth composition.

The mellow guitar chords and velvet, soulful vocals are in perfect sync and collaborate to set an ethereal mood for you and get you immersed in adoration. The drums have a minimalist part, yet it’s enough to add a vibrant touch to the soothing atmosphere. The hazy female background vocals add more serenity to the single.

You’ll start fantasizing about having a slow dance with the one who moves you after listening to the single and watching its dreamlike, warm music video. When your fantasy comes true, “It Moves In You” will be your first choice for this dance.