I believe that Stephanie ‘Stevee’ Wellons (vocals) and Cheryl Rinovato (guitars) formed Soulful Femme to dedicate their lives to create masterpieces for us! The funky blues/jazz duo is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Last June, they released their debut album “It Is Well With My Soul,” which include 12 incredible track indeed. It’s really obvious the talent and the experience of these two music goddesses, you can feel the harmony, melody, and stunning tightness among both of them. Stevee got a very unique vocal tone, I love how she goes up and lower with pitches very smoothly and perfectly! And since I am a guitarist in the first place, Cheryl is a guitar blues icon! Imagine sexy licks and solos, and emotive powerful vocals over, wow! ICONIC! 


In general, the whole album is within blues, funk, and jazz structures still it consists of a lot of variety indeed. I noticed that “It Is Well With My Soul” featured other incredible artists and they are Bernard Allison, Mark Byars, and Joanna Connor. Although I felt that the vintage tone is dominant over here, I felt through themes and the mix, it’s like a balance between the past and the present, which is remarkable indeed. I am not exaggerating if I will say that I loved them all, each track is really delivering a unique output. If you want to listen to iconic music, away from the shitty trendy electro-pop world, then it’s about time to discover the beauty below! Enjoy!

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Mena Ezzat

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