Usually, when I listen to new bands I lean to whom have some Eastern influenvces, maybe because I am already from Egypt, and it goes in my vein, not sure really, anyhow, I love the fusion movement that drives the rock/metal forces these days. Well, add to this an expireneced and professional artist who already had a great path with the Turkish band Element since 2007, and the past few years he has been releasing many successful rock/metal hits! ‘Istanbul Sky’ is a six-minute tune that you literally won’t feel the time through, actually, you will put it on repeat! I loved the engaging intro so much and how it’s melodic and symphonic in a very modern way. I believe that Kilicer is trying to add his new flavour and years of experience to his music, which he did it perfectly! Well, I don’t find any negative points here really, we are talking about powerful vocals, catchy riffs and melodies, iconic chorus, insane soloing, plus, extraordinary Eastern flavour. Realy, well-done man! Check out ‘Istanbul Sky’ on his Spotify below, and don’t forget to check his other hits! Enjoy! 😉


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Mena Ezzat