You know that time when you hear a band and go “these guys have their own sound!”?

This doesn’t happen often, but that was exactly what I thought when I heard “Island”, the new single from the band November 2nd, Czech’s pride and joy.

They have this rough, dirty, and in-your-face-rock guitars, drums, and vocals…they are an unapologetically-in-your-face kind of band and I love it.

The new single “Island” hooks you right away with its eccentric pizzicato strings intro…something that you wouldn’t really have imagined to be happening in a rock song, but that is no ordinary rock song let me say.

From there, you get to enjoy the vocals with a more bluesy kind of performance and a 12-bar-blues kind of progression…then the chorus happens…and you’re sucked into the big guitar chords, soaring leads and rock guitar licks.

Along the track, whether you’re in the verse or chorus, there are musical elements scattered here and there and it elevates the listening experience that much more, like, the fender rhodes style keyboard licks, the dirty-octaver-rock guitar riffs, the pizzicato string riffs, it just sounds rich and powerful.

I shouldn’t also miss how awesome the drums sound and feel…that snare sound, it sounds so fat it feels like a punch to the face…but in the best way possible!
The drum beats are driving this track and the power of that drive is undeniable.

November 2nd is an established band, they shared the stage with artists such as Alanis Morisette, David Gahan, Spin Doctors, and Bryan Adams.

On this new single, they worked with Czech producer Boris Carloff and the Grammy-awarded producer and mixer Tchad Blake, who is responsible for the sounds of The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, and Pearl Jam.

I believe this new single will appeal to the existing fans and also to a wide range of music listeners, it sounds good and it feels good.

November 2nd, you guys rock!
Can’t wait for another single…or maybe an album? I’ll be waiting here.


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