Bob Marley is a name that will always be remembered in the music industry. American singer-songwriter Chris Timbers and his band paid tribute to the iconic artist by covering one of his famous hits, “Is This Love.” Let’s discover more.

I usually find it unfair to compare an original track with a cover version, yet we tend to do it subconsciously. Chris Timbers‘ rendition of “Is This Love” has its own distinct charm. The emotional and powerful vocals, combined with the precise rhythm and beats, truly make it iconic. Given that Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” is one of his most covered songs, I genuinely appreciate Chris’s version. The beauty of this track lies in its reggae atmosphere fused with a rock music structure. While listening to this rendition, I felt this unique blend, which adds to its iconic status. Chris shared his reasons for choosing this track:

“I’ve always wanted to cover a Bob Marley song. He has many great tunes, but this one truly resonated with me when I decided to do a cover. I believe it captures the essence of what Marley stood for. In today’s world, filled with division, much like Jamaica during Marley’s peak, he wrote songs promoting unity, positive vibes, and love. Lines like ‘until the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes’ from ‘War’ by Bob Marley. With the recent movie about Bob Marley, I thought it was the right time to release a song of his that carries a message of love. Love was at the core of everything Marley did. It was a delight to study the track and learn those guitar parts. The recording features me on all guitars and lead vocals, Mike Echols on bass and backing vocals, Olaolu Ajibade on drums, and Jason Eaglin on keys. We recorded the entire song remotely from our home studios. I hope you enjoy my take on Bob Marley’s ‘Is This Love’.”

Chris Timbers, a musician, transitioned from band work to a solo career after facing personal struggles. His music blends blues, roots, jazz, and rock influences. He reconnected with his Native American heritage, leading to a spiritual awakening and creative output. The Chris Timbers Band‘s music can be found on Facebook, Spotify, Amazon, and Soundcloud.