Irish indie rockers Dakota 66 are gearing up to release their debut album If Not Now, When. Touching on themes such as love, loss, friendship, youth, joy, and ego, the album is an authentic showing of the band’s 10+ year spanning career.

Lead single “Bubble” is a statement on friendship, “She” talks about middle age and lost dreams, while “Reeling Back the Years” is a nod to vitality and youth. The album is reflective and each song has a clear identity reflected in the artwork for each song by the renowned artist & illustrator, Declan Considine.

Irish indie-rock band Dakota 66 has been playing together for more than a decade. Composed of J Gallagher (vocals), Brian Grace (guitar), Brian Curran (bass), and Thomas Leonard (drums), Dakota 66 draws influences from country rock, post-punk, artists ranging from The National and R.E.M., to Radiohead, Lou Reed and David Bowie. After ten years of playing together, Dakota 66 will be releasing their debut album, If Not Now, When. Taking the long way and ensuring that they would be putting out their best, most refined work, the band knows their songs have something to say – and now, they are ready to share them as they are: reflections on life, people, hope, loss, and emotions.

The album is out on June 9th, and I’d love to set up coverage – are you interested in reviewing/featuring the album and Dakota 66? The band is available for interviews, as well.


Press via Trend PR