C Jarret

Staying up late at night, roaming around social media channels and dating apps and websites. Behind a laptop searching for the one! And even if you found her, you are never sure you are not catfished, until you get to see her of course. Well, this is the story of every modern age single mature desperate man, with all due respect to you gentlemen. The noble objective of finding the one in despair and exerting enormous effort in search for the one, keep your screens on until you find her!

Vix 20 from Norfolk, United Kingdom release a new single titled ‘Invisible Girl’.

Having been veteran musicians who ‘grew so disillusioned with the state of every element of the music industry that they walked away vowing not to return.’ As they stated, they decided to get back to their passion, but this time they are aligning 70’s power-pop with progressive rock.

As funny as ‘Invisible Girl’ subject may seem but it might has never been sung more frankly, in a Pop/Rock theme with some catchy tunes and phrases.

Although Vix 20Gary Mills & CJ- are not of the ‘modern age’ but they seem to dig it pretty good, and use the current features developed by the millennials and manage to turn it into an inspiration.

The track sounds funny and frantic with a playful theme as if it was all a part of a game, or the band liked to add the technological signature to the track. 

The fabulous choice of keyboard tones along with ‘budup budpapbub’ harmonic background vocal gave a funny and exciting vibe and synced perfectly with the subject of the track. 

Invisible Girl’ had a lyrical theme of a fairy tale, in which the king is reaching out to his queen to marry her, and a playful theme too as the line which said “Smiling face girl, where are you from? Now the new game has begun” which made more alignment to the track.

Guitar power chords were absolutely genuine in tone and placement which made the track fit its genre and vibes. Needless to say, vocals are rich and clear and have a wide range. The background harmony vocals and electro-keyboards are truly fulfilling and feel like you have known the band for ages thanks to the work of harmony they pull up to.

The track is lacking a short electro-melodic guitar and keyboards solo in my opinion, and I believe it would have added tons of energy and subjectivity in serving the track’s view.