Mixing her diverse influences with her own melodic touch, the LA-based singer/songwriter Natalia Quest dropped her single “Inversion” on the 9th of December 2023. Trying to draw attention to the madness we’ve all been experiencing lately, Natalia uses her exceptional voice and writing skills to shed some light on the world’s current state. Let me tell you more about it. 

Natalia Quest opened “Inversion” with a powerful captivating build-up and catchy vocal melody, before engaging in a smooth fluid progression that grabs the listeners’ attention and keeps them fully on board. “Inversion” has some cleverly arranged orchestrations that lead its escalating dynamics, creating a mysterious mood with an epic touch as it moves forward with an open sound and streaming melodies toward a bigger picture in a multi-layered hooking structure. Quest’s incredible vocals allowed her to guide us through “Inversion” twists and turns with her diverse deliveries and expressive performance, making you pay attention to every word she says and feel every change of tone and melody.

“Inversion” is a solid rock hit, cleverly combining an innovative approach that blends multiple genres with an easily digestible composition structure and radio-format production. Natalia jokingly defines the song as “pop sympho metal.”

The track captivates the listener’s attention from the first to the last note and carries an important message to the modern world, encouraging introspection and critical thinking. We look forward to hearing more from this incredible artist—keep on rocking. Cheers!