Ariana Grande’s 2016 hit, Into You, needs no introduction. With 6 years of fame, it’s certainly one of her better-known hits, that must have gained a ton of enthusiastic fans over the years, and Kristopher is one of those adoring fans.

Having been a fan of Ariana for a long time, getting inspiration from her as a vocalist, a performer, and as a person, Kristopher’s latest release is a cover of Into You, that pays beautiful homage to Ariana, by introducing a twist to one of her more loved songs.

While Ariana’s version is a stadium-sized pop banger, with over-the-top electronic production and Ariana’s usual life-sized vocals, Kristopher’s take on the song is far more subtle, gentle, and in many ways, more approachable.

Conversative instead of confronting, Kristopher’s cover asks questions and makes reserved statements while Ariana’s original says them loud and confidently. Not to say that Kristopher’s version lacks confidence, but maybe that confidence is more an emotional one than a personal one. The emotions do really show in more colors in the cover version, especially as the roomy drums hit, adding a deeper dimension to the arrangement, along with the distinctive wailing guitars in the bridge.

The Orlando native multi-instrumentalist Kristopher pays a beautiful homage to one of his personal inspirations, with a cover that’s sensible, well thought out, and bold enough as to step outside the boundaries firmly set by the original, ultimately creating a piece of music that can stand well on its own, needing no judgment or comparison.