Photo credits: Adam Alonzo

When he lost hope and life brought him down, Bad Plans didn’t just give in to his frustrations, instead, he decided to write a song about it.  ‘Bad Plans’ is a One-man band who released his first single “Home” in 2019, it created a lot of buzz and captured the audience’s attention resulting in high streaming numbers of over 26K on Spotify only. The next year the Nashville-based artist released his 2nd single “Troubled Young Soul” which reached over 50K streams. After a one-year hiatus, facing multiple obstacles within the music business, feelings of uncertainty, and frustration, the artist decided to channel his emotions into lyrics; he didn’t give up and just kept going. He came back with 2 powerful singles this year; “Bring Out Your Head” which was released a few months ago, followed by “Into the Unquiet”. The artist’s musical style is highly influenced by bands like Korn, Nine Inch Nails, HEALTH, and Bring Me The Horizon. 

“Into the Unquiet” is a song about the artist’s phase of unsettlement and uncertainty, the feeling of frustration, and how he was burnt out from the music industry. It starts with a dreamy fictional melodic motif, a mix of electronic sound effects, and powerful growling vocals. The song builds up till it heightens in the chorus with intense guitar and drums lines, moving to a very unexpected, powerful yet unsettling ending that screams how “something is wrong”. The single was recorded by Josiah Prince, Mixed and Mastered by Kellen McGregor, while the vocal editing was done by John Denosky. The song is accompanied by a video by Indivision Media by Tyler Simpson and the unique artwork by Cameron Burns which perfectly portrays the song. Bad Plans Is performing his first show in Indianapolis on September 16th, check it out if you’re close and you surely won’t regret it!


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