The anticipated return of Anthony Casuccio’s music comes in the shape of the challenging and electrifying alternative pop/rock anthem ‘Into the Light’. The first release of Casuccio’s since his Systematic EP, featuring the chart-topping ’Lighthouse’, ‘Into the Light’ is a searing piece of experimental music that deserves attention.

Based in East Amherst, New York, Anthony Casuccio is a producer, audio engineer, and sound designer whose work has been nominated for three Grammys, sat on the top of the Billboard Dance charts, and achieved gold status. ‘Into the Light’ sees Casuccio return to his guitar roots with a distortion-heavy arrangement that flirts with nu-metal, krautrock, and noise pop. With the intimidating, screeching chorus vocals, ‘Into the Light’ hangs on the very edge of what’s accessible, and mix that with the searing breakbeat part, and you are left with a piece of challenging, noisy goodness.

Based on a vocal hook, ‘Into the Light’ is a piece that sucks you into a vortex of sound and does not let go until it is over, and with the haunting aria interlude that leads us into a blistering guitar solo, it’s a wholly entrancing trip. Anthony Casuccio has left us hungry and waiting for more.