Alise Albitre

Started as a one-man band by Bay Area musician Izzy The Gent, Everything But The Everything turned into collaborative work with Landon Cisneros (Drums), Andrew Gomez (Synth), Izzy The Gent (Keys/Guitar/Bass Guitar), and producer Rex Shelverton with changing guest vocals to shake things off. In 2020 they collaborated with singer/songwriter Luke Sweeney on their single “Intimacy” and today, we’re gonna dig deep into it.

“Intimacy” is a brilliant psychedelic piece with fluid, well-written melodies and a powerful groovy bassline that plays a significant role in the verse’s setting. It starts with a filled-with-anticipation melody that smoothly builds up to the groovy verse, the rough guitar tone fits the melodies perfectly, and together with Everything But The Everything’s well-arranged synth and keyboards gave “Intimacy” a deeper more diverse sounding structure. “Intimacy” has smooth mellow dynamics with a strong groove and a dream-like psychedelic mood with Luke Sweeney’s catchy expressive vocals that kept things interesting throughout its 3:30 minutes.

“Intimacy” shows Everything But The Everything’s sense of melody and groove and their will of experimenting with different sounds and approaches, all through their strong songwriting skills and well command of their instruments. They created a multi-layered psychedelic mood that smoothly slipped into my on-repeat playlist. Looking forward to more from Everything But The Everything, cheers!