You’ll See One Day is a Melbourne, Australia based heavy metal band with a plan to take over the world of music and become one of the 21st Century’s best bands. 

We’ll get to know them more in this interview and dig deeper into their new single “The Letter” as well as their previous ones. So, let’s get into it!

  • First of all, how did you guys meet?

On Grindr

  • And what made you think that you’d have the chemistry to start a band together?

The fact we were all on Grindr was a pretty big indicator that we had the sense of humour to gel pretty well.

  • And how did you come up with the band’s name?

Our determination to prove every nay sayer that we will be in their ear one day, Wether they like it or not. A musical virus if you will.

  • What are your main influences?

It’s all over the place, Nathan loves The backstreet Boys, our Drummer Lee loves Korn and Limp Biskit. But we feel our sound is unique enough and our fans love it.

  • And what made each one of you pick his instrument?

We drew Straws and who got the shortest had to be the bass player, tough luck Tommy.

  • What’s the story behind your latest single “The Letter”?

The dark side of depression and suicide that a lot of men face throughout their lives. All of us In YSOD have personally felt close to people or ourselves in these circumstances and we all wanted to shine a light on it.

Check out The Letter review here.

  • How usually does your writing process go? From where do you draw your influences?

Nathan and Travis are our main writers, they take turns bouncing riffs and vocal melodies back and forth until the bones of a song present themselves. It’s a organic process that we never force.

  • Which song from your catalog you’d recommend to someone who wants to get into You’ll See One Day?

All of em, we don’t release crap.

  • With “The Letter” being your fourth single to date, do we expect an EP or a full length soon?

Absolutely, we have a catalogue that we have been waiting to release for over a year. Just waiting for the perfect moment to drop it on the public.

With the world going back to normal, do you have any gigs/tours planned?

Nothing in the near future, but as soon as we know you’ll know.

  • What’s your wildest dream regarding You’ll See One Day’s future?

Set a Lamborghini on fire, for a Music video of course.

  • Thanks for your time guys, wishing you the best of luck.

Cheers mate, thanks for your time.