You have such a warm voice! How did you find your way into music in the first place?

I’ve always loved it, listening to music is just one of the best experiences in life I think. It’s absolutely amazing to make my own, but just to listen to it would still be enough.


“An Act Of Kindness” is a heartfelt song that the entire globe can connect to, as we have all been affected by the virus and the lockdown. Making a music video with a large number of individuals contributing messages was a joy to witness. How did you feel as you went through the process of creating this beam of hope in such a difficult time?
I think it was part selfish, and part trying to reach out to other people. A lot of my songs focus more on struggle and set backs, but I wanted to write something a bit more uplifting for my own mood, and there’s probably a lot of people that look to that kind of music too when they need it. I think we all needed things to help lift us a bit during the last eighteen months. However sometimes when I really need lifting I go towards the darkest music, which is interesting too. I guess on certain days you need different things as this song is maybe on the brighter side of my collection.


How are you coping with the pandemic and managing your days, while it’s still going on and still making changes?
Overall I’d say it’s been a positive experience…just about! There’s been a huge anxiety, and obviously loss of freedom which have been the main challenges. I think on a deep level though it’s changed a lot of relationships to others and to myself, and maybe needed the shake up to really find what’s important in my life. I would say I’ve been lucky though, I’ve managed to keep working and with my family healthy, so I know for a lot of people it’s been a really tough time. Very much hoping that this year we can all experience much more outside, and that the return of live music is a huge part of that.


Dedicating “Heart on Fire” to Keith Mason and Riona Kelly is a wonderful gesture. Tell us about the process of creating this touching single.
I was introduced to Riona and Keith and made aware of her journey so it was a pleasure to help out. The story helped inspire the song and we raised around £2000 towards her treatment (returning to walking after multiple strokes), which is a fantastic way to use my music.


If you could only play one genre for the rest of your musical journey, would it be rock or country? And why?
Ha, tough. I’d maybe say more country if this was asked a year ago, but just bought a new Telecaster! Probably into the Alt Rock category I think, but I’ve been lucky that I’ve been able to pop up in different places, from London Blues Fest tour to Celtic Connections which is obviously very folky. My new material is much more like The National / Counting Crows / The Wallflowers who all seem to be genre straddlers too.


Who would you like to collaborate with, from your musical influences?
Stevie Nicks and Michael Stipe. I just adore them completely.


Could you tell us more about the Mother Nature EP?
It’s my proudest achievement in music and finally the place I’ve always dreamed of being in musically. It’s very big, rocky and cinematic, and I just can’t wait to have it out.


As the new year approaches, what are your goals and ambitions for 2022?
My resolution is that any music that was started before this year gets finished and released, which is a fair bit, at least two EP’s. I’d like to put a more regular band together and get back to playing more electric guitar, maybe even front a side project, we’ll see. Plus a good tour and starting a podcast. Limiting myself at that for the moment, but definitely releasing, touring and podcasting.


Thank you for your time. We wish you a year full of goodness, and may your heart always keep seeking for doing good deeds in such a barren world.
Thank you so much for having me!

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