● Outstanding alternative vibes! Well done, guys! Each one of you has a good experience in the scene, still, how did you gather up and form Voodoo Bloo?

Well, Voodoo Bloo sort of grew out of the death of another project, but it really started as a thing I wanted to pursue on my own, as a lot of the material was sort of an audible journey of my life but, as time passed I found the need to surround myself with other musicians to get this off the ground, and that’s where we are today

REVIEW – SKIN by Voodoo Bloo 

● Rory, I felt that mental and psychological topics are the core of the band’s lyrics. Are they all just imagination or based on true stories you heard of or witnessed?

They’re all very much based on true stories. I’ve never been good at writing about the make-believe world, in a way I wish I could to protect my personal life but, based on the bizarre nature of it all I do think it’s worth writing about.


● Your music has a great fuse with the old-school and modern mix. Was this planned during the songwriting process?

Honestly, I think it’s just how it all comes out naturally, I listen to everything from Frank Sinatra to death grips on a daily basis, so all eras and walks of life I think do come out in this new batch of songs, which you’ll definitely be able to hear as we keep rolling them out.

● ‘SKIN’ is an epic hit for sure, also, the music video is very creative indeed. Did you collaborate with Oli Cass in filming and video direction?

Yeah, we all chipped our bit in to that one, though the initial idea was from our guitarist who has now left us (Don MacKenzie), it was really cool to be able to collaborate together in something outside of the audible realm, and the end product definitely brought out either the best or worst in us, I’ll let you decide for yourself which one that is.


● You are keen to work through a label. In your opinion, will record labels remain an important method for bands’ popularity and publicity or will the digital world be the only solution over time?

I think it is just a formality more than anything. Don’t get me wrong, the label is allowing us to do things we never ever would be able to do by ourselves, but also at the same time it’s pretty easy for anyone to just make their own label and hit the ground running. It’s real great for us now, but in ten years I don’t think it’s gonna be nearly as relevant.


● “Jacobus” was acclaimed by critics and fans alike. What’s new gonna deliver for your fans in “The Blessed Ghost”?

Even though Jacobus will always have a special place in my heart, this is really gonna be the record that I think defines our sound. So much more thought has gone into the concept and songwriting process, which has somehow made the songs more simplistic at times. I think fans can expect it to be a much tidier entry, but don’t get me wrong, we’ve definitely gone to some places people would not expect from us, and I hope that the thought-out manner of its creation will bleed through to the listener.

● Rory, aside from psychological and deep topics, what lyrical topics provoke you more to write about?

Hmmm, you’ve stumped me there, guess I must be quite shallow if I can only write about the deep, right?


● You guys are keen about your virtual appearance, a neat website indeed. Many artists don’t care about such virtual appearance, what’s your advice to them?

They absolutely go hand in hand. Look at a band like King gizzard for example, they work ever so tightly with their visual artist, and it just makes for a product so much more appealing. Having a style that comes across in everything you do is crucial to realising what your art truly is. In a way it’s like making one big movie, the soundtrack can be great, but people are also there for a captivating visual story, too.


● Finally, thank you for the chat and tell us more about your next plans.

No worries at all, glad to be chatting with you. Our next plans are to go and do more of what we love, but first I need to go and take my hash browns out the oven.


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Mena Ezzat