• First, I salute you for such an amazing album, well done indeed! Tell me more about the beginning of your musical journey.

Thank you so much! Well, everything started when I was in school and I listened for the first time bands like Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica. After that, a wish started to grow within me, I felt I had to sing and have my own band, so I just followed that dream working hard everyday to be able to sing and compose everything until this album was done.


• I struggled to find info about Undying Sun band members, tell me more about the band members and how did you guys meet up?

Actually, there are no official band members but me, for now they are session musicians. Where I live the “Power Metal” isn’t popular and for that reason it’s really hard to find someone willing to play it, so I had to do everything by myself.


• If I am correct, orchestral and strings elements were an essential factor in your music. Was it planned during the songwriting process?

Yeah, of course when you compose the songs, they’re different than how they end in the album. There are always changes and arrangements, but the first versions of the songs had those elements or were asking for them.

• ‘The Dark Decay’ music video is epic and powerful really. Did you collaborte with Rubén Yanes in video direction?

Rubén Yanes was the director of the video and I’m really happy on how cool was working with him, all his team and of course for the result. We could make a video expressing what I had in mind, that fight between light and darkness represented by the two girls in the videoclip.


• Well, I am wondering, are you planning to film any other music videos soon?

When you’re working in music you always want to film more videos, record more songs, and do concerts. But I have something in mind, so as soon as I have any news about it, I’ll let everyone know.


• You have a good business relation with Jesús Yanes, how did you guys meet up and is he the producer for the video only or the whole album?

I met Jesús Yanes when I entered in his singing school. After some years there working hard and learning, I told him about recording an album, since he’s a producer, and then I showed him my songs. After that he decided to sign me for his discography, and we recorded this album. So yeah, he’s also the producer of the whole album.


• Nowadays, power metal isn’t a trend in our metal world, most newcomers prefer fusion and styles merge, weren’t you afraid that may affect the band’s popularity?

It is true that now it looks like the power metal isn’t really popular, but that’s the style I love and I don’t like to follow any trends. Everyone should follow their heart and feelings, not just a fashion. But I think the classic power metal has to reborn, and I’m sure there’s a lot of people waiting for it, so here I offer my little part in it.


• Finally, I’d like to thank you for your time, but I was wondering if the COVID effect still threatens our live music scene. What promotional plans do you have for the rest of 2021?

Well, sadly it does. Right now I’m focused in promote my music to let people know I exist and for live shows we still have to wait, at least in my country. But I’ll be ready once we can start to travel and go back to live music!
Thanks to you and also everyone reading this interview for giving some of your time, and I hope you can really enjoy this album! 

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Mena Ezzat


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