You’ve got special rock vibes, impressive indeed! Tell me more about the band formation and influences.

It started with Larry (Larry Liss the other founder of the band) and I with a couple acoustics throwing out parts and ideas in a basement in Chicago. We actually started this thing with a bit of mission. We didn’t want to be a “band” in the traditional sense. We wanted to be a community of artists making things together. We wanted it to be open and supportive and positive – no typical band bullshit. We also wanted the music to be unapologetically honest with no pretension. The goal was to not be cool – just to be real. To be a part of the tradition of American roots rock and dirty blues – the traditional of storytelling in 3 ½ minutes – and see where we could take it. Our influences are folks like Tom Petty, Cheap Trick, Johnny Cash, Social Distortion, Steve Earle, the Cure, and of course the Beatles. Always and forever the Beatles.


Isn’t it a bit risky to focus on more than one style in your music, which won’t be kind of confusing to your fans?

It is. But we come by it honestly. We all have different influences and when we come together – they sort of mix and meld into our sound. We like songs they tell stories. And we like songs – not soundscapes. Our sound is a pastiche of influences and styles. We make musical gumbo – lots of flavors melding together. Our musical zip code is roots rock – a little garage, a little dirty blues, a little punk country.

Also, I am wondering, country and roots =rock is the main core of your music, won’t this affect the band publicity since everything now is trendy electro-pop these days?

That is true. There isn’t much rock out there period. It is mostly rap and pop. But we believe is rock and roll and the roots of rock and roll which are country and the blues – so we’re sticking to it.


Your album ‘American Experience’ was acclaimed by critics and fans alike. Still, you preferred to release an EP, not a full-length. May I know the reason behind this?

We wanted shorter cycles. To release more music, more often The world has really moved away from albums and toward singles – so we wanted to find a way to put more music out sooner versus waiting for an entire album to be finished.

‘Honey, I Believe’ music video is really nice, still, I couldn’t find any other videos. Are you aiming to film one soon?

We are. We will have a video for each song on our EP, Monte Carlo.

Your lyrical topics are unique, it really reminds me of iconic acts like GNR, KISS, among others. Were your influences the inspiration of your themes too?
We try to write about life – the struggle, the loneliness, the occasional shot at redemption and the glimmers of hope we see through it all. Our lyrical heroes are people Leonard Cohen, Steve Earle, and Michael Stipe – writers that aren’t afraid to tackle big issues, to make songs literary, and to not be too on the nose with their storytelling. We try to write lyrics that leave room for interpretation and leave space for the listener to fill in.


Finally, tell me more about your upcoming plans especially since the live scene isn’t active enough recently.

More recording and more releases. With our new (awesome) label, Animal Farm Music. We will also start playing live shows this Fall and plan some mini-tours through the winter and spring.
Also – We are releasing a new single called “Don’t Settle Me Down.” It will be available wherever you stream of buy music. It is a song about a strong woman who is feeling her strength. And there is nothing more beautiful – or more important – than a strong woman who fully knows, understands, and believes in her own power. This song is about the struggle every woman faces to keep her strength, to maintain her power, in a world that often seems to be designed to systematically take it away. This song is a wish. A mantra. A prayer for every string-willed young girl to become a powerful woman on her own terms — and to never – ever – let them settle her spirit down. 

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Mena Ezzat