First, I’d like to salute you guys for such an original rock sound. Well done! Tell me, how did you guys meet up and when did you decide to form a band?

Fruel: The 3 of us were originally in a pop punk band before Torch the Hive. After that band broke up, we decided to form a new band minus one member. Pop-punk is cool and all, but we wanted to make music that was a bit heavier, edgier.


● Many artists prefer to avoid political topics, but it looks like your main path. What are you trying to achieve through this?
Fruel : Political music is not very popular in America. Everyone is looking for a distraction. Distractions are fine, but I want to write songs that function as a capsule for the time that we live in. Not only that, but writing political songs help me personally make sense of the world that we live in. 


● F.E.A., Shame on You, Copaganda, and Evil Men each have a different music flavor. Was this planned during the songwriting process?
Fruel: When I write the skeleton of our songs, its usually melodies and lyrics that I have in my head. When I bring the skeleton of the song to the rest of the band, they put their influences in the writing process. Our songs sound so different from each other because of this, I think.


● People, who utilize their wealth and influence for their own benefits are a lot, why Jeffrey Epstein was Evil Men’s main character specifically?
Fruel: Jeffrey Epstein was a focal point for the song Evil Men, specifically because he is a billionaire that used his wealth to harm underage girls. The song can be about anyone, in all honesty. There are evil people all over the world, and it doesn’t just stop at the upper class.


● Evil Men’s bridge was totally unexpected. If I am right, was it like a rapping vocal style blended with rock beats?
Fruel: Yeah, the rapping was something that we didn’t really plan on doing but we decided to do it anyway. It’s kind of corny, but really it’s mostly us having fun with our music.

● I loved its lyric video, still, aren’t you considering a music video for it soon?
Fruel: There’s no plans for an official music video for Evil Men anytime soon, but we are planning one more video shoot


● So tell me, is Evil Men a part of an album that’s coming up soon?
Fruel: Yes! We have a 7-song EP called ‘Flamingo’ coming out hopefully this year.


● Finally, tell me more about your promotional plans in 2021, especially since the live scene isn’t active enough recently.
Fruel: We are pretty much focusing on the release of ‘Flamingo’ and doing video covers here and there. I’ve started a TikTok for our page of me doing surf-guitar covers of popular songs.You can follow us at @torchthehive. Live music is slowly returning in the USA, so hopefully we will be able to play live soon, and eventually make our way out to Egypt to you guys once things get better!

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Mena Ezzat