The Scotty Hollywood Band has released their highly anticipated single, “Human to Human,” off their latest album, “Wondervu.” Known for their energetic performances and emotion-filled vocals, the band continues to captivate audiences with their unique sound and powerful lyrics. The release of “Human to Human” comes hot on the heels of the band’s successful album release, “Wondervu,” and it showcases their dedication to their craft and their passion for creating meaningful music. Scott Argiro, the band’s front man, is not only known for his musical talents, but also for their on-stage wit and charismatic personality, making the band a must-see act.

Scott took time to answer a few questions for us…

  • Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Human to
    Human.” Can you tell us more about the creative process behind the song?

Human to Human was composed during the pandemic.  Like many folks around the US, I was feeling a bit isolated in lockdown and completely burned-out with back-to-back Zoom conference calls.  I remember picking up a guitar and belting out the hook of the song.  The entire process was fairly organic, and the lyrics poured out of me as I expressed my discontent with the state of things.  It’s a double-edged sword really…technology connects us while at the same time, making us a little more disconnected from the human experience.  That general idea is how Human to Human was manifested.

  • Your music has been compared to artists such as Rob Thomas and John
    Mayer. How do you feel about these comparisons?

I love those comparisons. Both artists are top-notch songwriters and have the type of vocal style I’m always aspiring to achieve.  I dig it!

  • What was the inspiration behind your latest album, “Wondervu”?

I really wanted to create a pop album with soaring melodies and hooks while at the same time, remaining truthful from a lyrical and storytelling standpoint.  I really hope I was able to accomplish that objective.

  • Your live performances are known for their energy and charisma. How
    do you keep things fresh and engaging during each show?

Every audience has a unique energy which enables you to tap into and align to their frequency.  I love performing as well as telling stories on stage…so it’s pretty effortless for me to stay engaged.  

  • In addition to your musical talents, you have also dabbled in acting.
    How do these two art forms complement each other in your career?

I’ve always thought of singing and music performance as being very similar to acting in a play.  You have a dialogue (lyrics) and you are attempting to tell a story while conveying raw emotion.  All actors want to be singers and all singers want to be actors, so I guess I’m the text-book example of that theory,

  • Your music has been featured in various films and commercials. How
    does it feel to have your work recognized in this way?

Yes, I’ve had my music used in film projects by Directors Joel Schumacher and Paul Lieberstein.  I’m always flattered to have a song appear in a film, even if it’s a clip of my work.  I’d love to do more of that.  I waited by the phone, but the Barbie people never called. 

  • Can you walk us through your songwriting process?

I’m originally a drummer but learned (by ear) to play a couple different instruments.  Regarding my process, I hear a lot of melodies in my head which I immediately attempt to translate onto a bass, guitar or piano.  I’m also constantly writing lyrics and song titles and attempting to match-up those writings with my musical ideas.  I’ve always looked at songwriting as a magical process…it’s the ultimate form of manifestation!  

  • What do you hope listeners take away from your music?

I would just say it is truthful and authentic.  I love the process and I put a lot of passion into my work, so hopefully that translates to listeners around the world.

  • You have toured extensively throughout your career. Do you have a
    favorite performance or tour memory?

My best memories of tours and performances are having family and friends out in the audience supporting your work.  That always feels very good!  

  • What can fans expect from the Scotty Hollywood Band in the future?

In January 2024, we began our follow-up record which will likely be released this fall.  

Stay tuned & thanks!

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