Formed in 2020 during the pandemic, The Hungry and The Dangerous stood their ground and stayed true to their rock n roll roots. After releasing two singles in 2021, they finally joined forces with Diotima Records and released their debut self-titled on the 22nd of July, 2022, and today we’re going to get to know them better.

● With such a rocking sound and energy, I’m curious to start by discussing your influences, who influenced each one of you to pick their instruments? 

Matt: The first band I fell in love with at a very young age was The Who. They are my dad’s favorite band and actually we’re my first 2 concerts. As I became older, I got into different projects such as Rush, Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot. Neil Peart had a tremendous influence on me due to the way he carried himself personally and musically. Without him, I likely wouldn’t be who I am today.  I know Jordan is heavily influenced by Elvis, 80’s everything and alot of European hard rock which has been our main roots for our sound. Dan has a lot of classic metal influences and very modern metal influences that helps find our heavy touch and groove to the band. We have a wild array of Influences that makes up this band, but I think that’s what makes us unique.

REVIEW – The Hungry and The Dangerous [self-titled album]

● What’s the story behind the band’s name? Who’s the hungry and who’s the dangerous?

Jordan: So it’s actually a funny story, before we came together as H&D, Matt was working with me in my solo project. I had this song that was getting ready to drop that I was super excited about, and when we launched the album cover, both Matt and I started getting floods of texts and messages saying, “can’t wait to hear the new band” and instead of correcting them we were like “maybe we do have a band here” and we decided to go with what the fans wanted. That single was “The Hungry & Dangerous” and because of the singles artwork, it became the band we are today.

● Since the band was formed during the pandemic, I bet we all would like to know how did you guys meet during such tough times? 

Matt: “Jordan and I have actually known each other for over 10 years. We played together in a band back then. During the summer of 2019, I reconnected with him while he was on tour in New Jersey. Seeing his band show turned into a 4 hour conversation and then we began discussing the possibilities of linking back up. 1 song turned into 2 and then we turned into what we are now. The Hungry and Dangerous.”

● How does your writing process usually go?

Jordan: This band has a unique writing process due to the fact we are a band apart. So we mostly rely on all of us doing demos in our home studios and basically sharing demos and ideas to each and then hopping on FaceTime or Zoom to discuss ideas and we basically work on each others tracks as we go. Especially during our debut album. We wrote during covid and since we were all on lockdown, it gave us a great opportunity to get a formula in place and it has worked for us since!

● How would you describe your sound? And which song off your debut do you think perfectly describes this sound? 

Jordan: We describe ourselves as Authentic, original rock n roll to its very core. We take the influences and sounds from the rock n roll of yesteryear and put our own spin to it with the new story we are beginning to tell. 

● With such big sound and engaging vibes I believe you drive the crowd crazy playing live, do you have any gigs/tours lined up in 2023 supporting the record’s release? 

Matt: ” In regards to 2023, I would keep a good eye on our social media with what’s coming up. You can check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and even our band website. Head on over to and sign up for our mailing list for everything regarding the band.”

● What are The Hungry and The Dangerous’ future plans? What are your wildest dreams?

Jordan: There’s a lot on the horizon for the band, we’re here to stay! I think our main goals is to find ourselves in the position to be playing festivals like Download and Rock AM Ring and to be able to share the stage with our influences. Also to have a track of ours in a film score would be incredible.