Shattered Hope is one of the most celebrated Greek Doom Metal bands. It has a good fan-base around the world due to their distinctive sound and outstanding music. Next month, Shattered Hope is participating at the upcoming The Room of Doom. We chatted with the band members about their upcoming performance and their upcoming album.

REM: Hello guys, thank you very much for having this talk with us. Regarding your upcoming performance, how do you prepare yourselves for the performance?

SH: Hello and thanks for your interest in our band.Well, when we finished the recordings of our new album it was time to start preparing for the upcoming The Room of Doom Fest IIWe do it with the traditional way, which means a lot of rehearsals and spending hours in our studio trying to be in shape again for a live performance.

REM: Shattered Hope name means a lot of the Greek Metalheads and you are one of the Doom Metal icons in Greece beside On Thorns I Lay and Decemberance, how do you see the Greek Doom Metal scene now?

SH: As we all know, the Doom Metal scene is not very popular even worldwide. In Greece, concerning the bands, many steps forward have been made with records full of quality and live shows all over the world. But when it comes to the audience, things have remained the same, which means that the scene is still and it will stay underground.


REM: After years of absence, you are almost done with your new album; can you tell us a few details about it?

SH: We are happy to say that all the recordings of our new album have been completed. The whole thing happened in “Timeless Recording Studios” with the big help of Babis Tzanidakis and we would like to say a big thank you to him. Now, we are almost done with the mixing and mastering process comes next. We hope the new album is going to be released in the next 2-3 months.

 REM: You posted a short video for a part taken from your album performed by a folk instrument; will we see some folk elements in the whole album?

SH: This folk instrument is called “Cretan Lyra” and is one of the main instruments used for the Cretan music. We used it in two songs that we thought it would give another touch to them and the result was more than satisfying! This is the only folk instrument we put in the whole album.

REM: Will you have any guest musicians with you in the performance?

SH: Yes, we’re going to have a guest appearance in the upcoming show but this will be a surprise!


REM: Are you preparing for performing new stuff for your Greek Metal fans? 

SH:It has been almost 1.5 years since we last played live in Athens, so we have prepared new songs from the upcoming album to perform at the Room of Doom Fest II. We hope everyone has a great time with our setlist which will cover all our albums so far. We can’t wait to share the stage with Clouds, Inner Missing, Selefice and Soul Dissolution. Special thanks to Spyros Hondroyiannis who is running all this. 

REM: Thank you so much guys, best of luck!

SH: Thanks to you for this interview. Doom on!

Written by: Rana Atef

Edited by: NAyn

Photos by: Nick Pale

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