Rock music fans in Morocco had not heard or read of The Basement before, neither in magazines nor via Rock/Metal social media pages. But after receiving their first reward of Mawazeen Generations in 2013, also the first Boulevard festival reward in the same year –two prestigious titles that allow musicians to perform on the biggest local stages- the band could finally make appearances in several concerts with the help of their fans in most the Moroccan cities. Let’s find out more about The Basement in this interview:

What kind of music do you play? And what does the band’s name means?

We’re an Indie Rock band. The Basement represents the underground music scene in Morocco.

How long you have been together in this band for?
The line-up has changed many times, but it’s been 2 years we’ve been playing together.

What are some of the bands that inspire you?
Every member has his own different influences like Radiohead, Mutemath, Pink Floyd, TDCC and more.

Who writes the lyrics? And what are the major themes you discuss in you lyrics? And are these themes subject to change?
Yassine, the lead singer is the one who writes the lyrics. The main themes depend on the mood of each song, so they are constantly changing.

What are the messages your lyrics convey?
Each song has a different message.


What age group is your music aimed toward?
Our music is for everyone, it’s not aimed at a certain age group.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? And how?
Our biggest challenge is managing time, and separating work from music. Until now we were able to overcome it by helping each other and finding the right time for each thing.

Describe your show, both visually and musically?
It’s not up to us to describe it, you must see the show. But if we had to describe it in 2 words it would be “magic and colors”.


What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?
Be yourself, know what you want and do it well.

What’s coming up in the new album?
We’re still working on it. It’s our first album so it has to be something special, it may take time but we’ll guarantee our fans satisfaction.

Finally, what would you like to say to your audiences?
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