Lelahell is an Algerian Metal band that was founded back in 2010. We have previously reviewed their album, The (Re)Birth of Abderrahmane, which you can find here. We wanted to know more about the album, and what’s behind it. Lelahell were generous enough to give us the opportunity to interview them and know more about their background! So here’s the interview below:


So, I researched the Algerian metal scene, and according to the Metal Archives website, there are only 12 active metal bands in Algeria. That’s quite a small number, would you say that the scene is too small, or is it big enough and supportive?
The scene was bigger 10 years ago, but now there are only few bands, which are still producing albums and making shows!

Why are there so many split up bands? It seems like there’s a total of 23 bands in Algeria, 11 of which have split up, went on hold or are in an unknown status.
There are many many bands which have split 2 decades ago, more than a 100, and the main reasons for that are the lack of venues, and no support from authorities.

What does Lelahell mean?
Lelahel (with one ‘l’ letter in the end) is An angel of the zodiac exercising dominion over love, art, science and fortune. We appeal to this being of light for good luck and good fortune. We added an ‘l’ because there is already an italian rock band named Lelahel, and Lelahel is also my nickname, so to make a difference between them, I added a second ‘l’ in the end of lelahel.

Do you face the hardships bands face here in Egypt such as the lack of venues that allow metal concerts and such?
Yes, I think that it is the major problem of every metal band from countries of such areas because most of the venues are cinema theatres with chairs and are not suitable for metal concerts.

Have you played in any Arab countries? I checked your Facebook page and according to that, it has only been Europe so far.
Actually, we have played only In Algeria and 7 European countries, but if there is an opportunity to play anywhere else, why not?!

How did you guys tour Europe that fast, considering you’re a new band formed in 2010, as a solo project or 2012 as a full band?
We played our first show outside Algeria in march 2013 during the Skullkrusher Death Fest in Paris, five months after we made our first European Tour “Al Intihar Tour”. In my opinion, to play in Europe, there are three conditions: First, have good contacts, second, play very well and tight, and the third one – which is the most important – is to know how things work.

Is there a specific festival that you’d like to play in, given the chance?
There are two: Wacken Open Air and Hellfest! Why not?

Any bands you’d like to open for or join in a show?
Opening for one band from the old school death metal generation is the best lesson that every death metaller dreams of!

Who’s “Abderrahmane?” Why is he being reborn? Tell us more about the album.
Abderrahmane was my father and is my son, and it is a metaphor which means that we wish that this album will contribute to the (re)birth of the Algerian metal scene!

Tell us more about the process of writing the album, and what happened during that.
I started the writing process with the guitars, album and structures just before the EP release in Spring 2012. After that, we spent around 6 month to finalize the album, doing everything from drums, bass, lyrics, to vocals… etc.
In January 2013, we started to record the drums. Two months later, we started recording the bass and guitars. The vocals were recorded in August 2013, just before our first tour.
After that I was going to mix and master the album, but it was difficult to find a suitable sound for our music which was the most arduous part of the recording process. So, we decided to search for a producer, and by the time we found someone for that, it was December 2013. The album was mixed and mastered by Ivan from Anthropocide studio from Belarus. He did a great job; this guy is very patient and talented! The album was finalized in March 2014.

What do you think are the musical and lyrical differences between both of your albums?
Our first Ep ‘Al Intihar’ is less technical and less brutal, more old-school and more melodic than our first full length ‘Al Insane… The (Re)birth of Abderrahmane.’

What bands to each of you listen to separately on your free time? I can’t imagine you listen to death metal 24/7
We listen to many other genres such as: Rock, Heavy Metal, Traditional music, Black Metal, Progressive and many more.

When did each of you start playing their instrument or singing?
I played bass in Neanderthalia from 1993 to 1996, after that I founded Litham (bass and vocals) with 2 band members of the previous band. After that, I got a gore grind project called Carnavage (from 2004 to 2007), and I joined Devast (vox) in 2008, and finally founded Lelahell in 2010. Nihil (Bass) played in some rock bands after that joined Barbaros in 2008. Slaveblaster founded Djamharouche, played with me in Devast ,and played with The Kult of and Barbaros.

Any plans on a new album or EP?
Actually, we are working on the second full-length album. More news coming soon!

Any future tours you’d like to tell us about?
A tour for our next release, but nothing planned yet.

Written by: Youssef Nagy
Edited by: Amira Alkholy