We’re thrilled today to have a chat with the awesome people of “Takeover”, the 5 piece rock band from NYC…we’ve got a lot to talk about, so let’s get it on!

  • …let’s start from the very beginning…with introductions! Who does what in the band?

Alex: Well I’m Alex and I do everything. I manage the band and book the tours and do the interviews and do all the dirty work everyone else can’t be bothered to do. I also write the best songs and play bass. Used to play rhythm guitar but I was tired of our Spinal Tap-esq revolving door of bassists, so I decided to step up and take over that role as well.

Then we’ve got Dylan who sings and writes some of the tunes. Then there’s Young Mark who writes the songs that the girls love and he also plays lead guitar. Mitch is the newest member and he brings a bit of intellect to the band and plays rhythm guitar. Matt is our drummer who brings all the girls to the shows.
And that is Takeover.


  • How did you guys meet?

We all met on Craigslist actually. I’d never hang out with these people if they weren’t gifted musicians. I met Dylan first because I knew I needed a good singer above anything else. And he was great from the get-go even though he was nervous I was gonna murder him. I asked him if he had any pretentious qualms about singing my lyrics and he said he’d be able to take anything and make it sound fucking great. And he was right! From there we found the drummer Matt and then the guitarist Mark and after a few years of dozens of bassists we found Mitch. All on craigslist.  Who knew that you could find genuine talent on craigslist and not just dirty old men who want you to masturbate on to their feet.

  • …how often do you meet to make music, rehearse…or just chill?

We meet four times a week to rehearse. Monday through Thursday. Then we meet on Friday to get piss drunk and yell over each other about sports and music. Saturday and Sunday we watch soccer and then Monday we’re back at it.  

Mostly every time we meet we’re rehearsing. Which also includes making music and workshopping new songs and all that. Some of the guys will write on their own time and bring in some tunes. Some write in the studio with the help of the whole band. And then sometimes we just get drunk when we should be rehearsing. But we’re good friends so we’re always hanging out.


  • So take me through your creative process…where does it start? 

I can only speak for the tunes I write but for me it starts with theft. I’ll be listening to a record I like and I think “I should write my own version of this song. I like the way they do XYZ” Then I’ll work it for a while and eventually I’ll bring it into the band and they’ll add their tweaks to it and then by the time we play it live I’ve forgotten who I originally stole it from and it’s a brand new song in our own style. Everybody does it that way, I’m just honest about it. I fucking hate when some pompous dickhead drones on about their “truth” and the “quest for the quenching of their artistic thirst” all that shite. Just admit you stole that hook from The Strokes who stole it from the Velvet Underground who stole it from some old 1950s rock n roll group who stole it from some blues guy that probably never got his version put on record. 

  • Let me ask you a question for all of our gearhead readers out there and for me too…analog or digital…and why?

I think if we had unlimited money I’d like us to be an analog band. But in my experience digital is just more convenient and cheaper. I think there is a certain quality and charm you lose when you go digital, but for an unsigned band that’s funding everything they do, it’s just a sacrifice you have to make.

  • Tell us about your gigs…were there any notable gig you performed? How did it go?

Our gigs are wild man. People love belting the chorus to our song “Live In Hope” and the crowd gets fucking crazy during our set-closer “Plastic 40s”. Sometimes our singer Dylan will spray the crowd with beer or champagne when the solo hits! But everybody’s having such a fucking great time nobody gives a fuck that their clothes get a bit messy. Girls and guys all going crazy for the music. Love to see it.


At our very first gig one of the band members (who will remain nameless) got a blowjob in the bathroom at the venue from a random fan. And we played like shit that night so imagine what he would’ve gotten if it were one of our better gigs! Another memorable show was when we played on a rooftop last summer and the cops showed up. They hauled off the guy who was playing bass for us. Mid set! The crowd loved it! It was nice of the boys in blue to do that because I was gonna fire the fucker anyway, so they saved me an awkward conversation.  

But my favorite show we ever played was down in Washington DC on one of our first tours. We were opening for this band with one of those 1960s names like fucking “Mr. Owl and His Magic Breakfast” and we completely stole their crowd from them. We had them pogoing to the chorus drop in our song “Start & Stop”. This little club sized room packed with people off their tits on drugs jumping up and down like they’re at Glastonbury… I thought the fucking room was gonna collapse! That was a great night.

  • …and please tell us about some of the most challenging situations you’ve been through as a band and how you reacted? Maybe it was in a live performance or in a studio setting!

Well we recently had a charity show booked where the drummer got severely sick on the day of the gig and we had a few hours to scramble to figure out what to do. Luckily Young Mark is multi-talented and stepped in on the drums and we survived the show. But our first charity gig and the drummer comes down with a case of lazy-itis. The guy must just hate giving back to those in need! 

  • What does the future hold for Takeover? Is it more time on the road or more time in the studio?

We just released a song in December called “Lambdas”. It’s a gritty rock n roll tune about being young and havin’ fun. Then in March we’ve got a new song called “Wait” coming out and it’s a fucking anthem. So definitely check those out.

We’ve got a few tours planned for 2024. One through the Northeast and New England. That’s in January. Then we’re going through the Midwest and Western New York in March. In the summer we’re doing our first “international” tour through Canada. Then I think in the fall we might go through the South. And of course we’re playing NYC gigs every other month or so. 

At some point we’re going to go into the studio to do some of the new tunes and put to record some of our classic fan favorites. We’ve just gotta earn some more money to pay for it first. But all in all it’s gonna be a great fucking year for Takeover. 

  • In just one sentence…tell the world why they should listen to your music?

Our music may not be the most intellectual, it may not be the most polished, it may not be the most groundbreaking, but it will make you feel something and be the backdrop for some great fucking memories and some great times in your life. So buy it on bandcamp so we can get the money directly you cheap bastards.

  • …this was a blast, can’t thank you enough for the awesome chat and we can’t wait for you guys to keep your music coming. Wishing you all the best in life.

The pleasure is always mine Hamza. Best of luck to you. Can’t wait to chat again soon. Take it eas’.

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