How does “Unify” express all that you want to transcend as Visionary rock stars?

UNIFY is a celebration that occurs when the soul exits the three dimensions of the earthly plane and unifies with the ineffable and incredible fourth dimension.

What was the inspiration behind the deliciously provocative music video?

Additionally the song UNIFY is about the merging of opposites, black and white, male and female. So we wanted to reflect that in the video. We found some artists that do amazing work with their bodies called Cyber Yoga. They were gracious enough to lend their amazing skills for the video.


The cover art is so cool, what was the idea behind the cover design?

We found an amazing graphics artist who does interesting work with dark and light imagery. He was able to help us find the right theme with light rays coming down from the source which reflected the album title “Back to the Source”.

REVIEW – Unify by SUB:OM

Has visionary rock helped break the fourth wall between listener and performer/artist?
The hope is that we can create a more immersive experience in our live shows for listener. Music is it’s best when it can elevate and transcend our spirit to move beyond ordinary reality. That is always our intention in creating the music and are developing a live show that will also engage the listener to a deeper experience of music.


What can listeners expect from your debut album?
9 songs of music that is structured on deep heavy bass grooves but also has the tension and release that propels the listener to a transcendent experience. Many of the lyrics are about facing fears that come with living as a human being and how to heal and move beyond those mental blocks that bind us and hold us back from our best potential.

How has COVID impacted your artistic journey?

We had just started the recording of the album when Covid hit. It slowed things down for a few months but we were able to push through and finish the project. The main thing is the lack of ability to play Live shows. We hope that 2022 brings more live shows back as the pandemic slows down in the Spring and Summer.

What are your upcoming projects?

Besides the album being released we have several Singles lined up to release in 2022. As well we hope the pandemic slows down so we can also do some sonically and visually amazing live shows.

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Jaylan Salah


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