Doug Kistner

Studio D’lux is a unique musical venture fueled by singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Doug Kistner, who writes and produces all the songs released by the group. Following the release of their debut single, “Ain’t Good Enough,” which racked up nearly 70K spotify streams, Studio D’lux has launched their latest single, “Light Still Shines.” The new single features a roster of globally renowned former or current members of the bands ChicagoWhitesnakeTSOBilly Joel, and more. The project aims to produce a modern blend of classic rock and yacht rock, but with added nuances and modern twists that make the music unique and fresh.  We had the pleasure of catching up with Doug, and he answered a few questions about the songs on their upcoming 3 Song EP…

Q: Hey Doug!  Congrats on the new Studio D’Lux single, “Light Still Shines.”  Tell us the story behind the song.

A: Hey thanks, well I had that opening guitar riff then i worked up the verse and pre chorus on keys. Lyrically, I found myself singing about a light and a soul. I don’t know why, but I just started to write around that idea. Having the idea to go into something different at the end, really worked out. Bill Champlin took that section and ran away with it. When he comes in singing the guitar and bass line, it’s off the hook. I remember recording with Liberty Devitto when he went into that double time thing. Just incredible!

Q: How did you manage to get some superstar performers together for this project?

A: I’m amazed that I got them all and that they all recorded on my tunes. Its probably the most ambitious thing I’ve ever done. I think everyone liked the music. They want to be creative and record. I was so lucky to have Liberty and Bill on a song called, “There the Door.” That really sparked the idea of Studio D’Lux. I reached out to Elliott Randall, Jon Herington, Joel Hoekstra and Glen Burtnik at different times, for specific songs, and they all were into it.
Q: You’ve performed with some pretty huge acts, as well.  Who has been your favorite, and why?
A: Not sure who was my favorite really. There are so many bands I wish I could play with.
Q: You have a 3 song EP due in December.  Tell us about the other 2 songs on the release
A: Sure, “Old School” is a track that Glen Burtnik adds a nice harmony to. It’s got a nice mid-tempo feel to it. Jon Herington from Steely plays really nice licks throughout the song. We’ve got Tom Timko, Doug Woolverton and Kevin Osborne as a horn section on it. It’s not really about one person but about someone who is stuck in their old ways and needs a change. Also, “Ain’t Good Enough.” Catchy hook, cool bridge. Elliot Randall plays lead guitar! Bill and Liberty totally kill it.
Q: Any dream collaborators that you would love to work with in the future?
A: Ah, Steve Lukather…If you’re listening. This is already a dream team really.

Q: What is the best advice you can give to a young, up and coming musician?

A: They would probably have advice for me. I mean, be as versatile as you can. Try to be a good singer too.
Thanks so much Doug!  We love the EP, and can’t wait to hear more from Studio D’Lux!

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