Strange Culprits is a promising rock group from Northern California, United States. We had a chat with guys talking about their music, influences and upcoming projects. Let’s discover!

Okay, let’s start! What inspired your band name?
SC: The band’s name is actually a happy accident. Jason wrote down a bunch of words on little slips of paper, pulled them out of a hat two at a time, and this pair of words stood out from the rest.

It took you five years guys till you released your debut album. Why it took you so long?
SC: The Strange Culprits story is one of fits and starts. When Jason was starting out with Strange Culprits, he worked with a bass player named Randy. The two worked with a number of different drummers over the next 3 years, played a few shows, and even recorded an EP entitled “Self Contained” back in 2014. In 2016, the band’s drummer had to withdraw due to work obligations, and late in the year, Randy also had to withdraw from the band. It seems 2016 was definitely a year to forget!  Then, in early 2017, the current lineup started working together, and everything clicked.

Well, I noticed that there’s no much social activity for you over the years till you have an album. Was this planned, or it’s a coincidence?
SC: Definitely not planned, it seems we are better at music than we are at social media. However, with the release of our album, it seems our social media presence is starting to grow. Samantha, who is pretty good with social media, is handling the band’s social media presence these days.


“It’s mostly American rock music of some variety, and borrows from classic soul, honky tonk, pop, and folk.” that was written on your biography. In your opinion, do you see your music is RNR, grunge or varied. How do you classify your music?

SC: Since Jason writes all the songs, American rock music generally serves as a base for most of the songs. Bear in mind, “American rock music” is a very broad category that encompasses everything from Jimi Hendrix to Real Estate. From there, the other influences filter their way into the music. We just try to make the song sound as good as possible, and we’re always surprised by the things that listeners tell us they hear in the music.

Well, and what about your influences?

SC: We think that for most musicians, anything they ever hear that they like and remember will have an affect on their music over time. So, for us, it’s mostly American rock music, classic soul from the 60s and 70s, 80s new wave and postpunk, 90s alternative and grunge, and some honky tonk ala The Rolling Stones.

Could you tell me more about your debut release music-making process?
SC: We basically rehearsed our butts off for several months, because we only had 3 days in the studio to record the album. Jason already had all but
one of the songs (“Moonlight”) written. The band learned “Moonlight” about two weeks before we went in to record.

Okay, are you planning for any music videos to promote for your new album?
SC: Definitely! We just have to pick the song (or songs), come up with ideas, and find someone to shoot and edit the thing.

Thank you for your time guys! Finally, tell me more about your plans for the future?
SC: Thank you for taking the time to interview us! As far as our future plans, we’re focusing on playing some shows to support the album and get our music out there, then we’ll head back into the studio to record a follow up album.