● You’ve got original vibes, impressive indeed, ladies! Each of you had a great experience in the live music scene, when did you decide to form Soulful Femme?

We had formed a very successful 5 piece band, recorded a CD but we then both decided that we wanted to delve into different genres of music and perform them in our own unique style.


● I’m wondering, is all your music experiences were in the blues, funk, and jazz only through the years?
We both come from quite diverse musical backgrounds, having performed funk, jazz, dance and rock. Blues was a genre that we felt underscored all the others but began focusing on the style when we met. 

ALBUM REVIEW – It Is Well With My Soul by Soulful Femme

● The lyrical themes are very emotional and powerful. Do you both work on it?
For this particular project, many of the songs were written 3-4 years earlier. Once we began rehearsing them, Stevee brought her own unique stylings and interpretation to the lyrics and music to make them a true collaboration.


● As you know it’s a trendy world in which everything is short and fast, isn’t it a bit risky to release a 12-track album that may affect its promotion?
We strongly believed in the concept of this album, bookending it with the hymn/title track. We had so much to say that we wanted the audience to experience all that we were feeling on this project. We had been through a lot professionally and personally and it is very much reflected in the music. It has obviously not had a negative impact.


● I noticed that you had some features on your track. Was this planned during the songwriting process?
We knew when “40 Under” and “Dead Man’s Blues” were written, that we wanted 2 very different styles of slide performance. “Dead Man’s Blues” was actually written while walking on Beale St. in Memphis(thus the opening dialogue) and I wanted the swampy slide of Bernard Allison. “40 Under” was almost shelved because I had yet to find musicians that could play it as it was intended, a very powerful, painful ballad. It was Stevee’s favorite composition, so we sought out the perfect musicians to record the track, then it was topped off by the powerful slide playing of Joanna Connors. Both of these artists’ contributions fit perfectly!


● Based on the previous question, would you consider adding other members to the Soulful Femme lineup someday?
We have discussed the concept and may consider it in the future. We are not opposed to the idea.

● It’s 4 months now since the album release, but I couldn’t find any music video, are you planning to film one soon?
Actually,we have one in the works! So, stay tuned!

ALBUM REVIEW – It Is Well With My Soul by Soulful Femme 

● Frankly, I am curious to know more about your influences either in singing or guitar.

Stevee’s early influences range from Stevie Wonder, Julie Andrews, Marvin Gaye to Jimi Hendrix. My influences range from Duane Allman, Tower of Power, Marvin Gaye to Burt Bacharach and George Benson.


● Of course, Rick Witkowski had an iconic role indeed for production, mix, and mastering. Was the process mutual between both of you, or you left all the production technicalities for him?
Rick is an amazing artist and studio producer, so we were so excited to work with him on this project. He believed in our passion and was receptive to our ideas so working with him was a dream. I co-produced, along with Mark Byars, another incredibly talented artist from FL.


● Finally, thank you for the chat, and tell your fans more about your upcoming plans.
We just got back from performances in FL so now we are focusing on writing the next project and plans for an upcoming tour. Look out for what Soulful Femme has in store! And thank you for your interest and time! We so appreciate it you getting out our message! 

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Mena Ezzat