The song is a bridge between classic and modernity; when did the decision come to mix a very modern music video vibe (K-pop) with the more classic 50s/60s rock melody?

Basically – musically it’s the music we’re into. It’s also a blend of grunge and post-punk with emphasis on the 90s and more of early the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and some good old country hill blues. The video is a funky way to show that music styles are not far away from each other. And that such genres can actually go along. Plus we thought that this might be the way to access a bit wider audience.


How did you manage to achieve the 50s dance hall rock sound?

Very good question We did our recording in a small studio with a lot of instrument bleeding. In contrary to common believe smaller studios gave the wider perspective. Doing recording at one take also let us have that early 60s authentic feel to the sound. The rest is in hands of Chris Bolster from Abbey Road Studios and his mixing talents joined by Andie “Hippy” Baldwin from Metropolis Studios as far as mastering goes.


How do you think the punk rock sound conveys the simple but cute boy-meets-girl, girl-leave-boy message of the song?

It’s a perfect match. The story is simple and cute as far as the lyrics go. The story itself ain’t no joy though. Everyone who went thru something like that knows… that it’s rough and might hurt. That style perfectly gives the feel of what’s in the heart while going thru such situation. So it’s a simple and cute story that in fact stands for hard times for all those involved in different stages. That’s why we have cute lyrics with rough music.

Was “Got Him Another Girl” inspired by a true story?

Yes. All of us bandwise and many of our friends went at some point of life thru similar stories.

We would like to make sure you are okay during the current situation with the COVID pandemic.


How did it affect your art?

Yes, thank you – we’re fine. Surprisingly – lockdowns and all that situation around gave us a lot of time for songwriting and recording whenever it was possible. So in 1.5 years we got to release three albums and we managed to record songs for another two upcoming ones. On the worse side – there was limited chance for live shows. We had only a small local tour and a few live gigs. It’s not easy to promote the band and have fun with limited number of gigs. We focused on all those activities we could do regardless the limitations. But we miss the old times and try to take opportunities to play shows between the pandemic waves. All that on the safe side.


You poured your heart into the song, how did the lyrics writing process flow?
Thank you. But our lyrics writing process is simple. Regardless we start with music or lyrics – after getting the idea what the song is about – we simply just sit and write it down. As simple as that.


Give us a glimpse into your upcoming projects.

The final singles off our third album “Mellow Joy” plus the Christmas special are released just now. We also released this year a special for All Fool’s Day under name of Jiri Blaha & Framuga Boys (yes, it’s us). We recorded songs for the 4th and the 5th albums too. Most of those songs are already mixed or are being mixed just now (final steps). Both albums we plan to release in 2022. The one with working title “Tiny Blast” – sometime in the first quarter or 2022 and “Five” – in the second half of the year. We already started recording songs for the 6th one. And all that in just 1.5 years. We are good friends and have fun doing music which helps. And hopefully more touring and playing live shows will arrive. We had some invitations to play in a few European countries. If that pandemic lets us do that – that would be great to do so. We wish the next coming year is much better and on a safe side for all of us.

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Jaylan Salah