It’s a pleasure to have the amazing duo, Skin On Flesh

We just checked out your latest EP “Terrible and Sad”….we know you recorded this during a trip to mexico…and I’m suspecting a crazy story here…so, let’s get into it…

  • How did you manage to record 3 songs while on a trip…and what was the original reason for this trip?

The original reason for this trip was for Laura to visit her family in Mexico City, she later contacted a friend of hers with a studio and suggested to record over there. We wanted to record some of our personal songs so Michi joined along to visit Mexico since he never left Europe before.

We borrowed an Ibanez, a P-bass and Stratocaster from Diego and booked 4 days with him. one drum/bass day with a session drummer, one vocal day and two half days of guitars and other layers. Literally the last half day was the day we were coming back to Berlin so right after recording the last guitar line we had to rush to the airport.

Also the song Terrible and Sad wasn’t supposed to be in this EP but when Michi was playing bass with the drummer he encouraged him to do a quick take of this one minute song that would fit the EP before calling it a day.

Another sad coincidence was that on the second day we arrived, Lauras sibling, Andy’s Panic broke up their relationship and was feeling very down. Laura always loved singing songs with her siblings while growing up, so she invited Andy over to record on the saddest song in the EP.

  • Speaking of the EP…”Terrible and Sad” the song, it is a one minute song…did you ever consider making a longer version of it…and why did you decide to go with that direction?

The origin of the song is actually within another song from the EP: Se Perdio Mi Corazon. When we were songwriting it we were looking for a bridge to fit in, we went the opposite direction of the vibe of the song to a hardcore punk bridge, then back to the normal song but it sounded a little too out of the blue. We never really thought of making a longer version to be honest because we like the punch in the face it gives you.

  • So, we have a lot of gearhead readers out there…and I’m guilty too…can you tell us what kind of gear you use? Are you digital only? Analog only?

At the moment most our songwriting is done in a digital environment on Logic Pro in our small but cosy home studio. It consists of an 2015 iMac, Icon QCon pro G2 DAW controller, Black Lion interface, Saffire Liquid 56, LH500 Hardke bass pre amp, an older set of Samson Resolve se5 speakers and Sennheiser HP 300 Pro headphones. Pedal wise it’s mainly The Warden comp pedal Michi uses for DI guitars, bass to then amplify it with Neural DSP amps and Laura uses a TC Helicon distortion pedal. Other than that Laura uses the classic SM58, Røde NT-1A or AKG P5 S and the Sennheiser E602 drum mic for Lau’s distorted voice. We also have the inevitable box with cables all types of cables.

The studio where we recorded in Mexico City is a small studio called Arre Lulú Records, owned by Diego Yong. He used the Tascam m-312 analogue mixing console for mixing our EP. The guitar and bass pre amps were with digital amps from Waves and Plugin Alliance. For Laura we used the Slate Digital ML-1 mic which has amazing emulations and is definitely the next mic we’re gonna buy.

  • How does Skin On Flesh make new music…what is your process here?

Usually Michi starts writing instrumentals (mostly starting from bass) and Laura does the vocal production and lyrics. Sometimes settings change and it starts from a crusty phone recording playing on an unplugged electric guitar where ever it may be.

  • Did you happen to play any notable gigs?

Surprisingly enough it is rare that Skin On Flesh gets to perform live (handling a  band with two people that have more instrument parts than they can play is not as easy), but our first gig was an award show for the “Listen To Berlin” compilation where our first song (You’ll See Me) was featured on. We only had to play that one song but it was quite weird since the audience was quiet and sitting down and we came on stage with 3 guitar players blasting punk in their faces being the only punk song featured in the compilation.

  • What’s your plans for the next couple of years? More releases? More gigs?

This Summer we have two shows planned that we’re rehearsing for and since we sometimes perform our songs acoustic with the two of us, we’re recording a small soft EP next month. In the meantime we’re also working on our first demo album for Laura’s Master Thesis that we’re recording at home to release somewhere in 2024 if we find the right support.

After the Summer we have a song that will be featured in new DLC of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and we’re looking for more opportunities to play live in late 2023.

We have the most fun in making and releasing music and that’s exactly what we’ll keep on doing! And put more effort in booking live shows and eventually touring around ????.

  • I’m an avid gamer too…you gotta tell me…how did you manage to get your song into Cyberpunk 2077:Phantom Liberty?

We made the recordings in Mexico as well but we didn’t know if the song was fitting for the EP so we held back on it at first, but once we found out about the contest in November, we realised the purpose for it. Michi proposed it as a joke first since he’s a big fan of Cyberpunk 2077 and knows how big the community is but then we eventually realised it could actually fit in the game since the lyrics were resonating with what the lifestyle is in Night City. After rearranging the song and guiding Diego from long distance, we got the final master and we ended up submitting it 3 days before the deadline of the contest.

Album Review – Terrible and Sad by Skin On Flesh

  • In one sentence…can you tell the audience why they should listen to your latest album “Terrible and Sad”?

Terrible and Sad for us was one of the best recording experiences we had so far, it was not only the recording experience with Diego that made it memorable but also the emotional relief we got from dealing with the trauma we talk about in these songs in the best way we know, felt great and we think you can hear it.

It’s a wild adventure just talking to you…we love what you’re doing and really can’t wait to see you shine brighter every passing day…you truly deserve it.

Thank you very much for the kind words! It was a pleasure as well to answer your questions!

  • Looking forward to hearing your new stuff as soon as it comes out…or maybe even have a little sneak peek before the release, no?

Haha, yeah, maybe we’ll let you know -;)

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