Swedish born, London based artist Skar De Line mixes his various influences from cinematic soundtracks to hip-hop and electronic metal into a whole new sound that speaks his mind. His creative process includes writing music, lyrics, and even writing, directing, and editing his music video making you get the whole vision he has in his head.

Skar De Line’s latest single “Reset” was released on streaming platforms on the 13th of May, 2022 and as a music video on the 20th of May, 2022. It is the first chapter of what he likes to describe as “a new autobiographical suite of music that will dig into every nuance of Skar de Line’s mind and ideas. A cathartic experience, through which he will try to answer the questions that constantly pulse in the back of our minds. Who am I? What do I believe in? Is there anything we can hold on to forever?”

Today we are going to have a chat with Sky De Line and get to dig deeper inside his creative mind.

  • First of all, listening to “Reset” made me want to know more about what got you into music as a fan and what’s your influences as an artist? How did your journey start as an artist? What was your first instrument and how did it go from there?

I’ve been doing music all my life. From a 6-year-old standing on the school stage, to starting writing music for my first band at the age of 13, to now being an independent artist, it’s in my DNA to create. I want to make something out of nothing, that’s the best feeling. Music has always been my favorite escape, but I love making films, working with photography, writing lyrics, and every other creative artform. I want to write something that makes you feel something, that transports you away emotionally, but also psychologically. Open doors to emotions, feelings and ideas you didn’t know you had. Hopefully, and I’m going to touch more on the below, make us into something more.

  • Can you tell us more about the new autobiographical music journey you are about to take us into? Do we have to expect more sound experimentation or is it going to go in a specific direction?

For me this all stems from my thoughts. I’ve always wanted to answer questions I have, then ask a question to follow up on the answer, and in that way digging deeper and deeper into who and what I am. These past two years have basically been nothing but writing for me, and after writing 300 or 400 pages of thoughts and ideas I started seeing connections, small threads connecting my concepts and feelings. And the music is a soundtrack to that, a soundtrack to my life at the moment. Certain songs naturally lend itself to different directions, but my DNA as a writer will be splattered over all of it.

  • Talking about “Reset”, how does it come to shape? How did it start?

Reset actually started as an intro. A 90 sec instrumental crescendo that just had an energy and feel I’ve never felt before. I started incorporating certain motifs, melodic lines from the entire project, which gave it the feel of an overture at the same time. I had these lines, almost like a mission statement for this entire project, not meant as lyrics but as questions to myself to bounce of, and those slowly morphed into the lyrics you hear in Reset. 

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  • While, we are still talking about “Reset”, I would love to know more about the concept behind the song and it’s interesting music video? 

I try to be better. Every moment I try to be a better person then I were the moment before. That means that every time I open my eyes I am a little different, and the version I just was is gone. We can always push ourselves reset, to become more. But at the same time, if everything can be changed, everything is always temporary, does anything we do matters? If everything I do can change, then who am I really, do I stand for anything at all? Are these nihilistic thoughts that are meant to be freeing, actually holding me back?
These thoughts are in the lyrics, but also in the video. Closed off in this dark room, a manifestation of the current version of myself is caught in a room with all my potential future thoughts and ideas. Later I see a vision in color of something I truly believe in, a dream of something that actually matters to me that I can hold on to and not replace in my head. The video continues with me climbing out of this mental prison, committing to something I believe in, to come out in the real world, a world of color.

  • How would you describe your sound to someone who wants to get into your music? 

Dark and cinematic pop and rock. This track is a little different, really takes the dark and cinematic to the next level while not being very commercial and poppy, but the underlying idea of hooks and melody is still there. There is a certain rock and metal influence, I sometimes joke that I write rock music without rock instrumentation, and I think there is some truth to that.

  • Are there any plans for future collaborations with other artists on your upcoming releases?

No this is very much a one-man project. I work with my producer, John McLucas (LA, US) for the music and several different videographers and content creators for the visuals, but the music is all mine.

  • Are you planning for a full length or is it going to be released all as singles?

These are singles. Every track is a chapter, and I want each part to have its life and focus, with all the content and time around it.

  • What are your plans for 2022? Can you give us something exclusive maybe?

First you will see a lot more around Reset. An acoustic reworked version is coming up, recorded in the same underground location. A lot of insight and Behind the scenes from the making of Reset.  Then after that we will travel into a western, a renaissance painting, and potentially crash a plane… I can’t say more than that, you will have to follow along on the journey.

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Thanks for your time, I really enjoyed this interview and looking forward to more chats and releases from Skar De Line. Cheers!