You have beautiful, charming vocals! How did your musical journey begin?

Thank you! Since I can remember music has always been my influence in life. I began piano at 5 and then took up guitar at 11. From there on I began writing music.


What inspires you to create new music?

Writing is like an addiction to me… I am always creating new music.

What types of music did you grow up listening to?
I’ve always gravitated towards rock. Fleetwood Mac, Zeppelin, No Doubt were big influences for me.

Why hasn’t “Canyon” been included in your latest album, “Was It Real Or In My Mind?”
The Canyon was a composition I wrote before the album. It was right when lockdown started, I had this song written on my guitar and always felt it was a B Side. It stands alone, and did not fit into the collection of songs that the album contained.


How did you craft “Canyon”?
The story took place in Laurel Canyon so the title was clear for me. I wrote it pretty quickly playing my guitar.


Your songwriting is incredibly heartfelt and relatible. If we may inquire, do you use your music to describe personal experiences?
Thank you so much. Yes! I wouldn’t be able to perform it if it wasn’t true for me.

Tell us more about the stories behind each track in “Was It Real Or In My Mind?”

The EP is themed around the concept of maybe it’s all a dream? The line first came from the single, “Dazey ” speaking about all the nights that’ve become a blur.. the memories that were so magical, you can’t remember if it was just a dream or real life. That led me to wonder what it would be like if you never met someone who broke your heart.. or if everything is just an illusion anyways. We create so many stories.


Is there an amusing incident or a memorable story about something that happened while you were writing or recording the album?

The album was written in the span of a year so nothing that crazy happened. When we wrote ‘made love to you in my dream’ we had a session planned and then it almost canceled. I was telling my friend (co writer), we have to make this session happen because I know I need to write this idea today! I can imagine that if we wrote it another day it may have turned out a different song right?


In the tune “Je T’aime Un Peu/Sweet Talking” from your album “Dreamers Club,” you fused English and French, and French wonderfully complements your heavenly singing! Will you ever consider making a full song in French?

Maybe! If I ever learn to speak french fluently. I wrote this with a dear friend who lives in Switzerland.


How do you manage to compose music in the midst of a pandemic?

I was writing every week on facetime with two close collaborators. I know this is a hard thing to do but somehow with these two people it was perfect.


Thank you for taking the time to read chat with us. What are your plans for the future?
Thank you for having me! Yes more music


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