We interviewed a younger version of Taylor Swift, with a lot of potentials to shine. Savanna Blu is a talented singer/songwriter with a bright future ahead of her. She released her single “Something To Cry About” in February, and it was the first thing in over six months following her EP “Follow Where It Goes”.

•You certainly have a distinct talent as a songwriter and a singer. How did your passion for music begin, and how has it evolved since then?

Thank you! I super appreciate that. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to track down a real “starting point,” the music’s just always been there for me. I’ve been singing since before I can remember– before I even knew what half the lyrics I was singing even meant. I’d come home mimicking whatever songs I’d hear in the car. Once I was old enough to figure out how to use a computer, I constantly wanted to look up the lyrics on YouTube. I wrote my first song when I was 7, and I just never stopped. I definitely think I’ve evolved just through age and development from constant new experiences. But as far as the zest for storytelling, I think that’s always been there.

•Do you want to be a full-time musician, or are you thinking about combining it with another profession?
That’s the dream, isn’t it? I don’t need to fill whole stadiums or win a Grammy or have a Billboard #1. Truly, I don’t. But I’d love to share stories with as many people as I possibly can in this one lifetime. I’d love to play shows full of present human connectivity for people who resonate with the music I make and the stories I write & share about.

•Obviously, you’re a huge fan of Taylor Swift. How would you describe her music’s influence on you?
Oh absolutely, I will die on the Taylor Swift Empire hill. I think growing up it just spoke volumes to hear someone sharing her art with such truth & articulate relatability. It opened doors for so many people like myself to feel comfortable with the idea of sharing unapologetically & with as much authenticity as possible. It’s something I will forever aspire toward.

•Based on the previous question, which Taylor Swift song do you think best reflects you and that you wish was originally yours?
For the longest time, I said I’d never have one single favorite from Taylor. That changed for me, however, the second I heard her song “peace” from folklore. I will be forever enamored by that one in particular, among the rest of her arsenal of authenticity. She has this superpower of making you feel seen, and in whatever circumstance resonates for you in that moment. The first time I listened to “peace,” I had never heard such an intricate thought process be presented in song the way Taylor did with that one, and it’s a feeling I’ve resonated with my entire life.

•You compose music in the pop/folk style. What other music genres do you think you’d like to try and think would be a good fit for you?
Oh, so many… I think one of my biggest priorities as an artist is to never let my art or the way I create it live in any sort of box. I’d love to explore different elements of dance music, maybe some more organic folk sounds (polar opposites, I know). I feel like there are so much to say and so many ways to say it. I want to explore every little bit I can.

•Congrats on your latest release, “Something to Cry About!” It’s quite emotive. Could you explain how you went about writing it?
Thank you! This one was definitely an emotional process. Writers & creators alike will know, that this was just one of those songs you write because your body and mind need you to. Everything about what I was feeling at the time felt so isolated, so that’s exactly how I wrote it. I wrote it as if no one else was listening, with completely unfiltered & uncensored thoughts on the whole experience. I like to think I go about the rest of my writing that way, anyways. This song surrounded a relationship I was in that constantly made me feel like I was tip-toeing around eggshells, and this song marked the first time I was unapologetic toward the idea of any of them breaking.

•According to you: “Something To Cry About” marks Step 1 in a bit of a different direction for Savanna Blu from some previous releases.” Are you referring to a musical style? Or your writing skills? Could you elaborate?
Absolutely! Earlier I mentioned a passion for being able to explore a lot of different elements in my own musical expression, while still maintaining a cohesive sound to my name– this was exactly that. This song was produced by Juan Mallorca, now a good friend, and I’d never worked with him before. I didn’t know exactly what I was walking into when I went about wanting to record it. All I knew is I was going in heart-first. This is also the fastest turnaround time I’ve had as far as the timeframe between writing a song and releasing it. I wrote this song in November 2021, and it was out by the end of February 2022. That was also a new & really welcome feeling.

•Do you have any plans to shoot a music video for “Something To Cry About”?
At the time I do not, just from a lack of current means & resources. I’ve pondered the idea of a lyric video, we’ll see if that turns out at some point.

•Despite the pandemic, you were busy releasing your EP “Follow Where It Goes” and, most recently, your single “Something To Cry About.” Was working at such a time, beneficial to you, or did it cause you difficulties?
What a good question, I think I’m still trying to navigate the answer to this day. The point in time when I released Follow Where It Goes was already claustrophobic as it is. I was about to graduate high school, I’d just discovered I didn’t truly want to go to Nashville for school, was only a month out from a traumatic experience, and the release of getting caught up in all of that during a pandemic was unbelievably taxing on my emotional & mental health. It definitely took a toll on my stamina and that isolating feeling took away from my ability to really give my heart to the process. I was just relieved for it to finally be out. I’m optimistic about future releases though and trying to build from that. All I want to be is present, and Follow Where It Goes really taught me to not take that feeling for granted.

•Which of your EP’s songs is your favorite? And why?
I know it’s cliché to say it, but every one of them does hold such an individual sentiment in my heart. If I’m going to pick one though, it has to be “Right Through Midnight.” It’s already an obstacle for writers & artists alike to keep their own music fresh and new to themselves, but that one’s just never gotten old for me. I’ll sing that song forever. That one and “Supernova” I (hopefully) anticipate getting to keep playing at sets for a really long time.

•Thank you for your time! Tell us more about your plans for the future.
Absolutely! Thanks for having me! Right now I’m really going to be taking some deep dives into the world of production. I want to learn as much as I can and utilize that skill set to be more autonomous in my artistry before making bigger decisions on any major projects moving forward. Hopefully, there could be a couple of droplet singles here & there, but for the time being, I want to really work toward being able to build my sound without as much dependency.

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