These days Sallos are getting ready to add a new wave of Blackened Death music to the scene. Sallos was formed by one of the first generation of musicians and Metalheads in the music scene.

They released their first album Blast Of The Eastern Storm and they are currently recording the second one. Read to know more about their history and music.

How was Sallos formed and what was the driving force for you guys as a band?
I formed the band back in 2012 with my fellow drummer Kimmi Aku. We used to play with SegadoraS back in time and we wanted to make something more extreme and deep so we formed Soul Sanctuary which we found later that the name was taken already by a band and they got their own copyrights so we changed the name into SalloS and from there we took off… The driving force have always been the fire within our spirits and our personality with reflects to what we do as individuals by putting all our true emotions and influences that adds to our spiritual state and drive us more forward in what we are doing

How did the idea of forming a Black Metal band come to your mind?
Well it took me a while to put my ideas and influences in a creative process. I had to reach a certain technical style of song writing and performing so I think that was what helped me and directed me to the path of music and creativity and the influences reflected on my style.

What were the problems that you faced at the beginning?
Since the start, everything was in chaos, really. Regarding members, managing processes and shows, plus our style of music and our own influence is extreme to others and banned for others… So I think being a free-speaking extreme band in the Middle East is always a battle to go through. What we do is real to us no matter what resistance, ups and downs we go through, we are fighting our way through.

How did the idea of the band’s name, Sallos, come to your mind?
Well, it’s taken from the book of the 72 demons of the Goatia. It’s the demon of giving and taking kingdoms, Sallos (or Saleos), the Nineteenth Spirit, a Great and a mighty Duke. He appears in the form of a gallant soldier riding on a crocodile with a Ducal crown on his head… He causes the love of women to men. He governs 30 Legions of Spirits. He is of a pacifist nature and dark worker and planner

What are the bands that influenced you?
Well, that’s a hard question but mainly Swedish and Norwegian extreme Metal. Old-school tunes for sure and mainly it got to be melodic.

Talk to us about your first album and the difference between the first one and the one the band is composing currently?
BLAST OF THE EASTERN STORM is the title of our first album that was recorded with the available studio we got at that time. It combines our thoughts and topics at that time. It’s a dark -strait in the face- a bit extreme and I think we broke some rules and boundaries by just letting our dark side into the music and the lyrical stream… This next album we’re working on, I can say that it’s going to add something to the Middle Eastern Metal scene, I hope. It’s a concept album and it’s the evolution of us as musicians and a new level of letting our spirit free throughout the music we make. That’s all I can say about it.

How did you receive the feedback of the audience and musicians?
It was fair, we are getting known bit by bit. We got some motivation feedback from our fellow musicians and fans, but I still believe that the Egyptian Metal scene needs more time and more bands to expand the style but I can see it growing.

What is the concept of the upcoming album?
It’s a concept album as I mentioned, it is a deeper look into the great conspiracy mankind have ever been through.

What’s your favourite release from the bands’ releases?
Well, I got some good collection of local bands since we are all friends and share music together, so I can pick some from the collection. I can say The Armageddon Codex by Worm, 50,000 years by Dark Philosophy, The Retribution by Crescent and Valley of The Sand Walkers by Scarab. That’s a part from the whole!

How do you see the Egyptian Metal scene now?
I can’t say that it’s a wow to be honest… but we are good listeners and I think that we still got a good fine road to go through and that would come over by creating fine Egyptian Metal listener who appreciates music and bands performing. Also we would never be mentioned if we didn’t get big bands from outside coming over here, and bands from here going out there. You know the funny story about the society and the culture we live in, so I think that bands have a lot work to do to recreate a strong fan base. Fans would still need to involve more in the music and show some real support!

So why Black Metal? And what are the goals you are trying to reach as a band?
Simply cause it’s different music for different personalities. Black Metal or extreme music introduces the very of us to the world. It’s not for everybody that this is what makes it special and the spirit of Black Metal never dies. About our goals… hmm… we are not really looking for a world tour or something like that as much as a task we took upon ourselves to do what we like and keep doing it better and better and always be true to what we feel and what we are from deep within, so here we are bringing you true radical raw material extreme music.

What do the fans represent to you?
Simply without them, we are nothing. I mean we are also fans of other bands in the first place, so it is important to communicate with whoever tries to approach us as a band and supports us. You guys are the fucking best of all. We wish to see you guys soon and bring you the best of what we got. You know who you are. Cheers!

Interviewed by: Rana Atef
Edited by: Nehal Ali