I can’t deny that I interviewed Riverwood before and I am still enjoying interviewing those talented guys, especially, this interview comes after a year of success despite the impacts of COVID-19. Riverwood was one of a few Metal bands in the scene who managed to keep the scene alive alongside Medic, Odious, Scarab, Mythos, Vyrus, Andromida, and others. So, we chatted with Omar Salem, Riverwood‘s Keyboardist about their upcoming album and live performances.

RA: Before asking any questions, how was 2020 for you?

OS: 2020 was really a hard year, not only for us but for every single musician who used to be on the stage most of the time. 

RA: You started the year by releasing a new single! Can you tell us more about its idea? Is it part of your upcoming album?

OS: Stalingrad, the thing is that we were not able even to see each other because of the lockdown and so on, no jams at all. So, we got the idea to release a track with a video from home and was the trend at that time.


Most of the bands like Lamp of god as an example made a video from home. We choose that specific track as the lyrics talk about a war where a lot of people had been killed. Same as the war with Coronavirus. And Stalingrad was just a single and it’s not a part of our next album.

  RA: Moving to your 2020 live concerts, You performed twice this year, and you were part of a Rock Festival hosted at El Sawy Culturewheel, how was your experience? 

OS: That gig was incredible! We were very thirsty to perform again. And everything was just amazing that day.


RA: You are working on a new album,  Is there any latest updates about your new album? Its concept? Its themes? Guest musicians?

OS: As you know, our songs describe fantasy fairytales, and the next album gonna take your minds behind the sees with its story. We are working on the recording these days.

And yes, we have guests in this album but it’s gonna be a surprise. And let me tell you, that I am so excited!!


RA: Do you think that 2021 could be better for the Metal scene?

OS: Hopefully, that “covidooo” dies soon and everything would be stable. And if that happened, it will be our year.


RA: How is the scene of Alexandria today?

OS: The metal scene in Alex is thirsty for the bloody stage!!