Rebecca Jane Erik is a multi-talented artist; A poet, rock musician, DJ, singer, percussionist and guitarist. Rock Era interviewed her about her music project, read to know more.

How would you categorize your music project genre?

Rebecca: Rock/Acoustic Rock.


What made you start singing? When and where?

Rebecca: I started singing at a young age. I began playing piano at the age of 5 then started singing a few years later.

Tell me about your band and how you chose its members.

Rebecca: My music project started in Philadelphia before I moved to Los Angeles. It was electronic music at first but then over the years I slowly began making rock music. The members are various friends/collaborators that contribute with the recordings.

Did you share the stage with any other bands? Which?

Rebecca: I haven’t performed much, as I mostly write and record but I am planning a show in Los Angeles in the fall with a few local bands.

What are your influences, are they all musical or are there other elements?

Rebecca: My influences have been the Rolling Stones, The Cult, Classic Rock, The Doors, British Invasion, some Shoegaze and of course life experiences that have contributed to my lyrics.

What about your discography and label?

Rebecca: I am not signed with an actual label, but I am on a few of my friend Quang’s compilations on Halo XL which is also FMajor Records.

What are your plans to the future concerning albums and tours?

Rebecca: I am currently recording, working with collaborators and will be posting new music soon. I actually took down my old songs and put up a few demos until the new music is finished.

What are your lyrical themes?

Rebecca: Passion, lust, love, anger, hope, heartache and a wide range of other emotions.

Can you share some highlights about the tours and gigs?

Rebecca: No actual tour yet, but I will be playing out soon!

Are there any news about your album release date?

Rebecca: It should be out by fall.

Are there any official videos?

Rebecca: I don’t have a video out yet, however, I have asked a close friend who is also a director to start storyboarding ideas with me for the finished version of “Go Easy.”

Which bands do you wish to share the stage with in the future?

Rebecca: There are a few local bands I would like to share the stage with such as Devon Station, Golden State and Jaq Gallier.


Would you like to perform a concert here in Cairo, Egypt?

Rebecca: That would be fun! It is such a beautiful country.

Is there any message you want to deliver to the people?

Rebecca: Always pursue your dreams and your goals and never give up. If you are moved to create, then do it and do it 100% and don’t let anything stand in your way. I write music because it is my passion and I hope it can be enjoyed by others as well.


When was your first time on stage and how was it?

Rebecca: My first time onstage was when I did musical theatre. I acted and sang in the musical “Hair”. I was nervous at first, but after I settled into the role, I felt comfortable.

What was your aim when you established the band?

Rebecca: I didn’t really have an aim, I just started writing and recording and creating. However, recently, I have had the drive to keep creating and I hope to tour, getting the music out there for people to hear.


In addition to singing, you are a DJ. Can you tell us about that?

Rebecca: Yes, I used to DJ often when I lived in Philadelphia and my friend would do Electronic nights and different theme parties. I did DJ a few times in Los Angeles but haven’t done as much lately because I started promoting and event planning and now I’m just focusing on writing music.


Do you play any instruments?

Rebecca: I play the keyboard, bass guitar and drums.


Do you write and compose your songs?

Rebecca: Yes, I am the primary songwriter and composer. I use a lot of my poetry for my lyrics.


Have you done covers or remixes for other bands?

Rebecca: I did a cover of Depeche Mode’s “World in My Eyes” for fun with a friend. I am working on a few covers right now; anything from Tears for Fears to old country music. I like doing acoustic covers of rock songs.

What would you like to tell Egyptian Rock Era fans?

Rebecca: Keep rocking, I love the magazine and you are all amazing!