1. We’re getting a theater-kid feel out of this song, how did you achieve that sense?
Well.. it kinda just happened. From the very first note that was written we somehow had the feeling that this song has to be epic. I believe that our singers musical background is the main reason for theatrical touch.


2. How did the mix of genres and sounds become a fascinating reality in creating this song?
Good question. We always want to create something new. In a world where pretty much everything already exists, you have to mix things together to create something new. We always keep in mind that we want to express emotions so the sound and samples should fit the emotion. Fog horns and Bass Drops wouldn’t have been the right samples for this song. 😉


3. Was the rap part hard to insert within the song?

Not at all. It just felt natural to insert rap there.

4. We love that a song about the torment and isolation that an artist goes through has an upbeat feel to it. Was that hard to master?
It happened naturally so I’d go with no. For this song it wasn’t that hard. But this song is the exception.

5. Where did the idea behind the music video come from?

We always wanted to have dancers in one of our videos and this song was perfect for it. It has drama pain love and power and the dancers express those feels perfectly! Our first idea was to go the Opera-House in Zurich but they are f***ing expensive. Im talking 5k a day expensive so we had to search a different location.

6. Where do you see your band fitting in the current music scene?

Maaaan. We are to heavy for the pop scene and to soft for the metal scene. I believe that we have to create our own scene. Its time for the new generation.

7. “ABSOLUT” is a song that is both philosophical and energetic, how do you think the intensity of the artist’s life plays into the creation of art?
If im happy I’ll write a happy song, if im sad I’ll write a sad song. Music is emotions. The music represents the artists life for me. Especially this song is very personal, because our singer (Rob) and me (Domi, Bass/Rap) are singing about our way of living before QUANTUM.


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Jaylan Salah