Lost band is currently one of the youngest but coolest post punk rock hordes in Dominican! When you hear it for the first time, you will think that the music sounds like 80s, and 90s mood! Like the good old days!

Lost recently released the band’s new debut album entitled “Down to the Underground.” So, The band is doing their best to get their name known outside home country. Rock Era Magaine decided to give Lost members the chance to speak with the band’s singer/songwriter Yamil Musa about Lost’s future plans.

YS: Thanks for your time! How’s 2021 for you all so far? And, can you tell us about the highlights of your 2020 activity?

YM: In 2021, we just started recording a-three- song EP that will be released this month.

Regarding last year, we released “Down to the Underground” with two promotional. In addition, we were part of a few online festivals and a lot of interviews all over Latin America, requested by different shows and magazines, so we can promote our name.

YS: How did you form you band? Where did you all meet? How did you come up with your band name “Lost’’ ?

YM: Me and Clemente portillo came from different bands. Then, one day we got together and we shared same taste in music.

Next, we started to work on a few ideas and demos, before we met and decided to make a band. We called some other members like bassist Josue Garcia, the drummer Boly Lingopoff and Rhythm guitarist Christian Perez, as Portillo used to play with them in other bands.

The band’s was suggested by Portillo, but, he suggested it first as Lost Luger (Luger because of the famous German gun), but during rehearsals, we decided to use only lost.


YS: On the music level, several listeners have remarked that your music has an early Cure vibe. I didn’t experience that on the material, except a few parts. As for me, there was more Modern Eon and Sound. So, what are the band’s main influences?

YM: Our influences come from bands like: Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Danzig, The Danse Society, David Bowie, however, we seek to create our own sound that we really wanted.

YS: You released the first album in addition to a promotional video entitled
‘Down of the Underground’ last year 2020. The album’s 11 tracks can take you you to different spaces and emotions. It is a great album, and any listener may think that the band was founded in the 80s, and 90s, so how did you deliver such a sound?

YM: We were hungry to put out a new sound with all those influences of the 80s but in a new and more open output carrying some gothic taste, that’s why you think it is a great album and thanks by the way. (Laughs).

 YS: What do you think about the response you received from critics and fans for your album?

YM: It received excellent reviews as our band is the first Gothic band in our country. Moreover, it was surprising the Caribbean musical scene is not popular.

YS: Is there a musical cooperation between you and other bands in your

YM: No, because we are the only band that play this kind of music in the country, but we have made a lot of friends from other countries, that we have played together in a few festivals worldwide with the same taste in music like us.

YS: Last year, an enormous post-punk revival started. However, back in the 80s, post punk genre was triggered by several music and social facts. In your point of view, what are the reasons for this revival?
YM: Well, there are new ideas for music waves come every ten years. But sometimes they go back in time to their previous sources and origins get them back to life new ingredients.

This new generation has the internet which make it is easier for everybody to find by a click all former influences and download them for making a record, without having to go to a big stablished studio recording.

YS: Which countries have embraced your musical production?

YM: Yes, Mexico, Colombia, US, Argentina, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Cuba, England and Morocco like you (Laughs).

YS: What does inspire you while writing lyrics? Is there any particular
legend, myth, movie or author?

YM: Yes, the writings of William boroughs, Edgar Allan Poe, and Friedrick Nietzsche. Also, some real life concepts such as Love and hate, Existentialism, History.

YS: What do you think about the current Dominican music scene? Have you identified any new interesting bands?

YM: Nope !

YS: Lost has a very particular and atmospheric sound, how was the development of this sound?

YM: Portillo is the lead guitarist and the producer of the album. He has a very clear concept of what he’s doing including the equipment, the pedal boards he uses, and the way he plays the chord. His techniques are very unique and eclectic. I have the reasonability of lyrics writing with him. Therefore, I believe that we make a great combination that enriches our sound.

Especially, I have a formula: to make catchy, progressive and straight to the point minimal melodies.

YS: So, How did your activities go during COVID-19 lockdown?

YM: We have been working on a new EP called material called “No Gravity. The album is no in the mastering phase at Abbey Road Studios London, regardless of the lockdown.
This EP is coming out in a few weeks, also we will make a video for its first single, “No Gravity.”

YS: I feel your music transcends various genres, in addition, it would appeal to a variety of different audiences. What do you think about your audience’s ages?

YM: LOST is for the whole family (Laughs).

YS: Finally, thanks for your time, Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans?

YM: Thanks for this great interview, we want to share our contact to everybody wants to follow us on the net. And one more thing : STAY LÖST

Interviewed by : Yassine Siyaf
Edited by : Rana Atef