From recording movie soundtracks in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 19, to daring to write touching soft rock songs, beginning with “”Scarlet”” and continuing with “”Hypnotic,”” released on December 3. Enters Pedro Samp, a British-born Brazilian musician who has had an extraordinary career and continues to strive for more. We had a brief conversation with him during which we learned more about him and his music.

You have a wealth of skills when it comes to instrumentals and singles. What drew you to music in the first place?

Thanks a million for the kind words – really appreciate it.
I’ve always been crazy about music and guitars. At the age of 3 my parents introduced me to their favourites: The Police, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd and Simply Red. But it wasn’t until I was 11 yo when I managed to get my first guitar through one of my mates: I traded a Nintendo video game and two Led Zeppelin CDs for an old guitar he had with rusty strings. It was a ´King´ by Dolphin… By Yamaha. A Strat styled guitar. My dad would never get me a guitar, so I understood I had to figure it out another way to get one. To this day it has completely shaped my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You undoubtedly have a distinct rock style with those silky whispering vocals, as if you have a mystery to unravel in your songs. What inspired you to create your own musical persona?

Once again, thanks a million for the kind words. I honestly can’t say it was premeditated – it simply happened. I am a guitarist at heart and have always been – but I also had this immense aspiration to write my own music at my own pace (I am hyperactive so I’m constantly writing). So I simply understood I had no choice but to learn to sing as well as all other instruments otherwise it wouldn’t happen. It took me several years to figure this out I promise you it wasn’t overnight.

For now, you’ve got some splendid hits. Do you have any plans to release an album in the near future?
Releasing an album is one of my dreams and I’m sure at some point it will happen. But I genuinely feel like I found my own pace through my singles and I very much intend to keep them coming!

Would you consider making music videos for your singles in the near future?

As a musician, you sing, write songs, play guitars, bass, synths, pianos, and beats, plus record in your own home studio. What is the trickiest challenge you face in the process of creating new music?
The first step. Finding that next chord progression that will spark a whole new song.

If you have the chance to play with one of your biggest influences, who would it be?
The FIRST name that races my mind: Mac Miller. That would be STELLAR – I think he is my absolute favourite musician right now.

But there is ONE musician I am TRULY grateful to because he inspired me to take music in my own terms and made me realise I could do it on my own: Bill Dess from Two Feet. Bless him! He’s got all the love and admiration in the world from me.

Your latest single, “Hypnotic,” is indeed interesting! What inspired you to write it?
Instagram. Vanity & Seduction in 2021. It’s about how some people portray themselves on social media through filters and how they behave towards others. Purely an observation – no judgement here. Because all of it can be fascinating – hypnotic I dare to say.

How did you manage to compose “Hypnotic” music? It perfectly complements the realistic lyrics, soft vocals, and the whole hypnotic atmosphere.
That’s one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever got. THANK you from the bottom of my heart. As before mentioned, it all started with one chord progression – which then turned into the main guitar riff. Then flat-out work. As a musician, I am constantly writing new music – so at any given time I’ll have around 3-4 different songs that I’m currently working on. And this is truly magical because each new song gives you an insight you perhaps missed out in the first place if you were only writing one song at a time.

How do you think art helps during times of crisis such as personal struggle or a more global one like the COVID-19 pandemic?

I come from a broken family. We were once happy together and very loving to each other. Then my father left us right when my brother was born – which was also truly troublesome. My mum had a c-section when birthing him and the anesthetist got it really wrong and managed to shot the morphine straight into my brother’s spine. Nearly a month in IC as a newborn and as you can anticipate it has drastically impacted us throughout the years. We KNOW struggle. We know pain. And Music was always there for me. And it has always been. As the time went by, I learned that I could re-live all those precious pain-free moments whenever I pleased by simply listening to the great music that my parents introduced me to. All our memories are forever locked inside some of my favourite songs. From The Police to Eric Clapton, Simply Red and Dire Straits. I’m currently in a life quest after melodies capable of bringing smiles, pleasure, tears and joy.

Finally, it was nice to chat with such a promising young talent. Would you like to give more details with your fans about your upcoming plans?

It was an absolute pleasure being interviewed by Rock Era Magazine!
And yes – I can promise you I’m only getting started. There will be a new single in January 22 and plenty more currently being mixed.