REM: Thank you Sigmund for having this interview with us, so how are you preparing yourselves for the performance?


Vandrer: We don’t need to because we’re always ready! Just kidding! The fact of being a duo (and therefore the need to use playback) makes the process of rehearsing our tracks much easier; we don’t even need to leave our home. We started to prepare for autumn shows in August, and at the moment everything is ready. Tomorrow we’re giving our first concert of the season in Riga, Latvia.


REM: Is it your first time performing in Greece? And how can you introduce yourselves to the Greek Metalheads?

Vandrer: Yes it is, and we’re very excited about it! Well, the introduction should be: “We’re the only GothicDoom duo from Russia existing in the world and we’re going to bring you some of the cold and hopeless atmospheres of St. Petersburg”. 


REM: What’s your background about the Greek Doom Metal scene?
Vandrer: “Orama” by On Thorns I Lay was one of the first Doom Metal albums that I’ve bought on CD. It happened almost 20 years ago, when I was a teenager, and this album happened to be one of the strongest musical impressions of my life. And the modern Greek Doom Metal bands (Ocean Of Grief, Immensity) sound great too!


REM: Are you in contact with the participating bands?

Vandrer: No, not yet, but I hope we’ll have time to socialize at the festival.


REM: Will you have any guest musicians with you in the performance?

Vandrer: No, and I don’t think we’ll have session musicians in the future. It was a very interesting and inspiring experience, but it’s not always possible to organize everything properly, and even more difficult to find the right people. 


REM: Are you preparing for performing any new stuff for your Greek Metal fans?

Vandrer: Our current setlist includes the songs from “The Ineffable”, “The Sentinel And The Murderer”, and “Defeat.” We simply didn’t have enough time to start working on the live version of “Ghostwriter”  but eventually, we’ll do it for sure.


REM: How do you see the current scene in Russia?

Vandrer: It doesn’t really look like we have something resembling a “scene” here – but we definitely have several potent and promising Atmospheric Black Metal bands like Ultar and Eoront. Such genres as Doom and Gothic Metal are, unfortunately, deeply in decline at the moment – but maybe we’ll see better times.

REM: Thank you so much Sigmund for giving us this chance and best of luck.


Interviewed by: Rana Atef

Edited by: TC Mayhem

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