● First, I salute you for your iconic album indeed. Tell me, it all started back as an extreme groove metal project in 2008, right?
Akos: Thank you, we really appreciate it. Don’t tell anyone we are so old… But yes we started the band in 2008 with Gergo (guitarist). We’ve got this label ‘extreme groove metal’ later in the run. We just wanted to play some heavy polyrhythmic and also groovy metal music back then. Check out our first record Iapetus, you will understand what I mean, haha.


● Before I dig more into your new album, I am kinda confused about the band name. Is that ancient secret theory related to the Hungarian civilization or where did it come from exactly?
Tamas: No, absolutely not connected to Hungarian civilization. This is a fictional story we figured out for the meaning of ‘Omega Diatribe’ word composition,
Akos: Dude, it is a real story. The stone tablets on which the ancient text was written – were brought up from the depths of the Mariana Trench. I dreamed about it. (laughing)






● I loved the diversity so much for vocals and music arrangement. Can you tell me more about the lyrical themes of Metanoia?
Akos: Mostly we draw ideas from the traumas of our daily lives. Everyone has issues in their lives and it helps if we can let this negative energy out. We can do this by writing it out through music and lyrics. And on the other side it could affect other people, the listeners. If they are in a similar deep situation the music could help them process the issue, to let it go. That makes music so therapeutic.


● I loved the ‘Parallel’ music video, but aren’t you gonna release any other music videos soon?
Tamas: We’re going to release our new music video in August for the song’s called ‘You Can’t Save Me’. This video will be a new milestone in our career because the scenes and story are absolutely fantastic! Totally cinematic motions…The video shooting was three days long and a huge staff worked on our success. As in our previous video ‘Parallel’, we also worked with Thornfields Production on this new video as well and they made fantastic work again, no doubt. You can see it soon…

● Artists nowadays care more about their income and streams, more than awards, but tell me more about awards, what does it mean for you?
Gergo: Incomes and streams are also important for us as well, like for every bands in the world nowadays, but the most important for us is to play music what makes us happy. Playing in a band is kind of a therapy for us. It’s just a bonus for us when the world appreciates it with awards.
In 2018 we won the ‘Best live band of the year’ & ‘Best studio production of the year’ by Hungarian Metal Awards which is an absolute honor for us, but we also won several awards over the years like 1st place at Rock Chart, runner up place for ‘Best debut album of the year’, etc… It’s always a pleasure to see the band name in the nominates section.


● Jens Bogren is one of the most iconic names in the metal world. How did you manage to reach him?
Gergo: The funny thing is Fascination Street wrote to us that they saw we’re preparing to record a new album and they would like to work with us. We know Jens for sure, because he did a lot of our favourite albums so it sounds exciting to work with a producer like Jens. We did our third full-length album with Tue Madsen who is also on the same level. He’s not worse or better, just another mind set. We would like to experience how Jens can handle our music and it turned out pretty impressive I must say.


● Well, the album was released by Metal Scrap Records, still, new bands prefer to release independently, what’s your advice for them?
Gergo: We have worked with Metal Scrap Records since 2018. We have no reason to complain, they treat us at our level at their roster, and they are especially caring towards the physical material, they hand out. This is a huge plus for us, because even though we live in the time of Sporify-generation, we still hold CDs/Vinyls very important. The DIGIPAK release for Metanoia is absolutely mindblowing, you have to check it out if you’re still interested in physical copies. This is exactly what I dreamed about for a release when I was a child.
Akos: If you work with an independent label it is just an additional opportunity, but you can reach the same level without it. We really love CD & Vinyl and our label is a big help to spread it worldwide. Younger generation doesn’t think in full length records and physical materials, this is also due to the market situations. They only need the online streaming platforms to distribute their music.


● Gergő Hájer, I noticed that you added some Eastern harmonic elements, if I am right, tell me more about it and how it was influential for the album songwriting process?
Gergo: Unlike many bands, our songs aren’t conceived during rehearsals, they rather come to be in our homes as well thought-out demos. Then we take them to the rehearsals to get their final form. This method works for us best, since I’m known to be very proactive, when it comes to songwriting. So we always have a wealth of songs that are potentially going to make it to the album. Of course, everyone will bring their special little flavour to the table, and like this the songs are filled up with energy that comes from all 5 of us. But bringing the eastern harmonics and psychedelic/out of this world elements in a dark aspects are always a big part of my writing flow for Omega Diatribe, but for Audionerve as well. It just touches my soul you know and our fans really digging this dark atmosphere. 

● Finally, you’ve many live events coming up, isn’t it a risk especially that the live scene isn’t active enough recently.
Tamas: I think the live scene is hungry for the shows so I don’t think there is any risk. We also feel like them, and we are very hungry for the live shows as well!
Akos: In Hungary we already have some mitigations and a couple of concerts have already been held in Budapest. There seems to be a lot of interest in live shows.


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Mena Ezzat