Ajdath – almost known among every Arab metal scene – is the death metal sensation from Jordan formed back in 1995 with the intention of creating unique brutal death metal tunes accompanied by Arabic music spirit.

So as a start, tell us something about yourself.

OMAR: Hello and thanks for your interest in our band. The band was formed by me, Omar Al Kilani and Ahmad Jamali and we were previously called Diabolical Perfection. Later when I moved to Poland the band was reformed by different musicians and now Ajdath includes Omar Al Kilani (guitars and vocals), Tomasz (bass guitars) and Marcin (Drums)


So, how was this band formed from the start? And when did it officially become “AJDATH”?

OMAR: The band started under a different name, Diabolical Perfection in 1996. It was somehow the same death metal influence band but without the Arabic theme.

After some change of ideas and members, the project based on the Arabic theme had to change its name in order to fit with the new image and influences of the band. The band officially recorded its first demo Last Resurrection at the end of 1997.


How were you guys inspired by the name “AJDATH”?

OMAR: As I mentioned earlier, the project was based on Arabic mythology, politics and legends so I felt it had to have an Arabic name to complete the image of the band and Ajdath appeared as an old word and meaning fitting well with the new concept.


How did the members of this band gather and who came up with idea?

OMAR: I came up with name, the band members talking about the 1996-1998 era were formed by musicians from Amman and our bassist Ahmed is from Iraq but lived in Jordan. We were friends before when we started jamming together and matching our ideas and compositions together, and then formed the band.


I learned that you guys play Death Metal and Trash. What inspired you to play this genre specifically?

OMAR: Bands such Slayer, Exodus, Testament, Metallica, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Deicide…basically the 80s and 90s scene of death and thrash metal was our biggest influence.


Do you have any future ideas for different kinds of music?!

OMAR: Marcin and I are involved in other thrash metal projects. But speaking of Ajdath, recording the new album is our priority for now!


Describe the relation between the members of the band in one word.

OMAR: Friendship!


Regarding your new big hit album “The Triangle of Death”, what was your first impression when the album was released?!

OMAR: When it was released in 2006, I was surprised to hear the positive feedback. We are still receiving positive comments even after 3 years of its release.


Do you have any future dreams? (Smiles)

OMAR: Conquer the world!!! *Laughing* I think spreading our message as far as we can!


If you have a message you want to spread it to the world, what would it be?!

OMAR: Free Palestine!


Lastly, what do you want to say to the Arab world about your music and if you guys had a tour would you tour any of the Arab countries?

OMAR: We want say: “Do whatever you believe in and don’t care about what others may think”. We would love to play for the Arab crowd since it’s an Arabic based band.