I had the good fortune of checking out Olivia Bells’ new song “California Mountains” and it is such an uplifting and life-loving song…and you should check it out too!

The energy and flow of the song is just so easy on the ears and soul, you will be feeling good even long after the song.

Such a feel-good song.

The vocal lines are catchy, the music is easy on the ears and the sound/instrumentation used are all mellow.

You can’t go wrong with this one.

This time around, we have Olivia Bell and we gotta ask her about her new song, her music and the future!

Let’s dig in!

Q1) What ignited the music/singing flame in young Olivia Bell? And when was that?
Growing up my dad was always playing in local bands so I was always going to his concerts from a young age. My mom’s side of the family is very musical as well, so I was lucky enough to always be surrounded by music. Some of my most prized memories are of family holidays where everyone would pick up a different instrument and play old folk songs together.

Q2) Do you play any instruments?
I play guitar, dabble in ukelele sometimes.

Q3) Take us through your creative process!
I will usually start with an idea. Usually a word or phrase will spark something that I build on. Sometimes if I’m really lucky a melody will pop into my head at the most random times, like when I’m driving, which can get a bit dangerous as I try to pull over as fast as I can to record the tune in my voice memo app before I lose it forever!

Q4) When do you feel inspired the most?
Late at night, or when I’m driving. Driving late at night. Something about it feels so personal and introspective. I’m currently writing a song called “Broad Blvd” about driving myself around as an adult and looking at the same places I remember watching as a kid riding in the back of my parent’s car.

Q5) If you were not a musician. What would you have been?
I have a degree in Applied Psychology and plan to go back to college in the near future to further my education in that field. It’s a topic that interests me deeply and I am excited to see where that path takes me.

Q6) How different is it for you to play alone or with a band?
I haven’t played with my band in a few months and I miss them so much! The energy at live shows with a full band is so much different and I feel much more comfortable when I get to play with my band. I’m so excited to get into the studio and get back to playing with them this summer.

Q7) Tell us about some of the most notable gigs you played!
Last summer we played Akron Porchrokr, which is a huge local music festival. One of my favorite gigs to date!

Q8) Along your musical journey…who is the most supportive?
My entire family, especially my parents, are extremely supportive. My boyfriend, who is super talented as well, is my biggest fan (and inspiration).

Q9) What is the most challenging situation that you-as a musician-have been put through?
Unfortunately I am not in a place yet where I can sustain myself on making music alone, so it is difficult trying to balance a full time job, school, and a personal life along with trying to write, record, and play out as much as possible all on my own time. Its important for me to remind myself not to rush my process and to avoid putting deadlines on myself when I can.

Q10) I’m sure that your fans are looking forward to more music from you, can you tell us about your aspirations and dreams for the future? Any music coming out soon?
I have so many exciting things coming soon! I just put out my latest single “California Mountains”. This one is so fun to play live so I’m excited for people to hear it. I am in the process of recording my follow up EP to my 2021 release “Once More with Feeling”. I’m also planning to start recording my first full length project this summer and through the end of the year.

Thank you, Olivia, for making such awesome music, it has such a feel-good vibe to it.

You are making someone’s day a bit better by listening to your songs.

We wish you all the best in the world.


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