So Nina, tell us. How old are you and what do for a living?
I’m 28 years old and I currently work at the Ministry of Agriculture.

How did you get into the make up art industry?
I’ve been in love with make up since I could remember, but I started experimenting the special effects art few months ago, specifically on Halloween 2014.

What was the very first make up you did?

Zombie ex-wife 😀

How do you think you improved over the past few months?

In my very own point of view and my friend as well, I think I achieved a lot. More to come!

Who is your favorite gothic make up artist?
The one I like, is not a gothic artist to be specific, and I believe there aren’t much of gothic make up artists out there. She just loves to play around with make up and her name is Alexys Fleming.

Do you make money from it? Is it a job?
Not yet. Hopefully it becomes my job.

We heard that you used to play violin sometime ago, do you still play?
Yes, I still play and I call her Olga. She’s my passion

Are you planning on playing some music soon?
Next month in the Opera House.

How do you get inspired while doing make up art?
I love watching fantasy and thriller movies such as The Nightmare before Christmas, as well as horror movies. Also, a lot of research on YouTube.

What is your favorite piece of work?
I don’t have one favorite, but those are few of my best work…


Jack The Skeleton                                             The Vampire from Nazareth

Scary Mad Clown   


How long does the make up process usually take?

From 2 to 4 hours.

Many make up artists abroad have YouTube channel to show videos of the process of make up, why don’t you?
I’m still learning and practising on myself, the YouTube channel would be my next step.

Why do you prefer the horror or gothic theme most? Is it a part of being passionate for metal music?
I prefer it because it’s challenging. It’s not easy and it requires a lot of time and concentration. It has nothing to do with my passion for Metal music.

Do you take requests?
A lot!

Do you only perform on yourself or on people?
Only on myself.

Does these face paintings affect the human skin on the long run?
I think so, my face breaks down immediately after 2 paintings in a row.

In Egypt, it’s hard for people to understand such a type of art, aren’t you afraid that would give you negative publicity?
It’s not my current concern.

Some art critics think that these kinds of paintings distort the human beauty, how do you comment?
It’s not a beauty pageant contest. It’s more of creating a character that would blow people’s minds. That’s why it’s called “Special Effects” Art.

Are you interested to demonstrate your art that within any kind of cooperation with a band, through a music video or any other?
Yes indeed. I’m looking forward to it. It’s one of my goals.

Some paintings include an eye perspective, how do you make that? Isn’t it scary to put something on your eyes that may get it infected?
Everything I use on skin are very safe, I don’t risk anything.
Thank you for this interview. Last but not least, I have to give a shout out to my friend Mahmoud Ezzat. He’s the one who encourages me and pushes me to the limits.

Check all Nina‘s works through here.  

Interviewed by: NJ Bakr


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