I felt there’s something unique about these guys while listening to their latest single, Loser. Actually, this got me more curious to know more about their music, themes and plans. Let’s discover more about the NEUROTIX world.

NEUROTIX isn’t a very uncommon name for bands. What is the story behind that?

NEUROTIX was decided of the root word neurotic defined suffering caused by or related to neurosis . This is a condition but we say attribute that speaks for every member in the band but also speaks and connects us to the world. The X was added to the world to represent two meanings; 1.) Many individuals are blind to their surroundings or 2.) I wish to X out worldly views.

“we consider to be an unfinished genre” this is how you described your band. Could you give us more details about how do you see grunge in the past two decades?

Non existent or obsolete. Unfinished meaning it never reached its climax. Lately grunge ends in death at young age in which many famous grunge artists are diseased. Props to Mudhoney who is still alive and writing amazing grunge music but never went mainstream. Mainstream seems to eat artist alive and spit them out . Probably healthier and wiser to stay underground against world views. The idea is not to die at young age but pump as much truthful music into the world as you can to leave legacy of LIFE NOT DEATH.

I’ve been wondering always; there are several legendary grunge bands like; Alice in Chains and Soundgarden but why Nirvana in particular considered as main icon of the grunge style, is it because of Kurt Cobain’s death? Or there’s another theory?

That’s a loaded question that can piss a lot of people off. I will answer anyway! In my opinion it is all about emotional connection to your listeners. If you could feel what the artist wants you to feel and relate to it then the song is a success. I would separate Chris Cornell from Layne Staley and Kurt Cobain . I love Soundgarden but to me the music is not grunge. I myself think no other Artist in the planet could express his feelings and chaos through music like Kurt Cobain. I personally related to Nirvana growing up . I think any listener of Nirvana was able to feel what he was trying to express through every song he wrote. Layne also wrote amazing deep dark songs but lacked in BPMs department for me. Kurt had the rawest unclean emotional sound of voice, soul, and guitar. Unfortunately he got swallowed by the darkness.

Well, isn’t challenging that you chose a dead genre (as some assume) so this could be a risk for the band success by time?

Without risk there is no reward. I still wouldn’t call it risk to play raw unclean emotional sounds of voice soul and guitar. For me personally this is a way of life not just music.

There is no better way to address life, hurt, pain, and suffers then to drag them out into the light and expose these issues at 160 BPMS through raw unclean music as dirty as the sins themselves. It is quite therapeutic. LOVE and HATE is grunge and it will never go Away. GRUNGE LIFE.

Your new single “Loser” had fine reviews from several platforms. Also, you mentioned guys that it’s so beloved by all band members. How was the recording process and what it really means to you?

Loser was chosen as our first song to be released to the world because we felt it sums up the Album and our style of music best. Loser was an emotional roller coaster of chaos! It was recorded in one take raw from every ounce of energy or blood we had left. We poured are hearts and soul into every track we recorded that night. The pain, suffering, and failure composed in Loser is Real. Writing the song I was trapped in the dark and I wanted to die!”

” Erase me” Recording the track released this feeling and while listening to track for the first time WATERFALLS of emotions poured from my eyes.

The feeling of being drained ,satisfied and happy and depressed all at the same time. I only hope that listeners can find light in darkness like i did.

The idea of the music video is very funny, simple and amazing really. Where did that idea come from?

The photographer Mathew Bowie shot this and I believe he wanted to capture our personalities and everyday life for our audience. This had to be a real challenge to try an film a bunch of Neurotix. We just wanted to show real life. The weather was cold we were all wet and unfortunately I had pneumonia. None of less the show must go on! The video was good fun and we got it done and no one got hurt. PS: Do not try this at home.

Do you follow any specific lyrical themes for songwriting?

I speak my mind and soul . Nonfiction only truth. Has to be emotionally attachable and fast like my heart beat. If we don’t feel it neither will you.

Right now I am on fire with an arsenal of music to dump into the world just need time for all this music stuff. Lord willing I will have enough time on earth to stamp this World. I have been dead for 37 years and i have just woke up!

Are you planning for festivals soon?

We are planning to go wherever the four winds may Blow US!

I LOVE THE CIRCUS AND Carnivals , and cotton candy

I would be happy with a stage I can Move on