First of all, thank you for giving me the chance to take a deeper look at Eternal Rage so, what’s the concept of the album?
The next album will be an epic story, our imagination about the old myths will be our influence, we will create our own myths, it’s going to take a lot of work to generate the world of “Mythos” but am pretty sure 100% that you will love it, and for the music we are already on the Mythos’ table to set our ideas and create the new era!

Mythos had many line up changes and it had a long journey. How was the process of writing the music?
It’s a very long process, and it was exhausting, from writing the ideas, riffs, drum lines and the lyrics, to the recording sessions, mixing and mastering the whole EP, but in the end we presented to you as I think from my humble opinion, very good tracks with very good sound quality, I’m not arrogant, but I think we did an amazing job after 5 or 6 years since forming the band.

Who are the members who contributed to recording the EP and writing it?
We all contributed in writing the EP, but the main one who created the melodies was Amr El Gendy.I (Ahmed Hassan), created the lyrical theme and also Gasser Helal contributed with his bass lines, and also we cannot forget Peter Samir our guitarist and Ahmed El Kholy our former drummer for their support and for their actions with us.

How did your different musical influences effect on the process of composition?
By sharing the whole ideas that came to our minds, each and every one of us has his own taste in music, but we are sharing the main taste which is metal music.

Great, thank you for your time, and now moving to Dina Yaccout who designed Eternal Rage’s cover art.

How did you design the cover of the Ep?
I designed the cover of the EP on photoshop. It’s a technique called photo manipulation; basically, it is an everevolving collaboration between photography and graphic designing. It gives this realistic view of an unreal surreal picture, just like music. When one composes music, one starts with writing, in my case combining, musical notes and playing them on one’s instruments and then moving on to the harmonizing all of the elements together to achieve the desired effect, and then one moves on to the mixing and mastering phase to make it like the music you normally hear in everyday life, in your earphones, and on the radio. Same thing when it comes to designing, it contains illustrative expressive elements while seeking a more realistic approach.

How did they contact you?
Amr, Mythos’ lead guitarist,and I have been friends for years now, so he wanted me to be there through the whole process of recording the music even before the mixing and mastering phases. He had to make sure that I was feeling inspired and motivated throughout the whole process. And I deeply was, because one of my passions is music. And whenever I came up with visual ideas for the band music, I told him all about them. The purpose of music is to release us all from the tyranny of conscious thought and it truly washes from the soul the dust of everyday life. I highly believe in that. Their music was so vividly energetic for me. Metalcore genre holds so much power and strength, on the physical, emotional, psychological and mental level. As music expresses that
which cannot be said and on which it’s impossible to be silent, I came up with an idea of an apocalypse scene.

What’s your message in your design?

My main message in the design conveys different perspectives which I’m going to elaborate as follows: A- The album name inspires me so much Eternal Rage. It could be an eternal rage of a cosmic cataclysm finally takes control where the human beings live. It basically depicts the rage of nature upon what people set up to be structural organizations and buildings, while a person there stands in awe watching how the wrath of nature arouses where the humans call it “natural”. B- Watching what one builds being destroyed, while standing tall like a mountain there, it depicts another meaning of strength and stamina. That no matter how destruction goes around and spreads throughout the whole world, one must stay strong and have faith that this too shall end as well.

Interviewed by: Rana Atef.
Edited by: Bishoy Nader.


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