• Hey, Mike! First, I salute you for such a supergroup, you’re getting the golden days back indeed. It seems the project started last year, am I right?

The project started just before lockdown more than a year ago in November 2019.


• Well, I believe your fans would like to know more about you as a guitarist and songwriter, like previous projects and bands.

Unlike the other guys in the band, I am not a touring musician. I’m a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who had this catalogue of music looking for a band. When we started to put the pieces together, I got to play lead guitar on the tracks, which has been a joy.


• I checked all band singles and I noticed that you guys seek diversity within your compositions, am I right?

We set out to write and release music that challenges and excites us and we hope our listeners as well. We all enjoy different styles and felt the band could reflect that diversity. So it’s certainly hard to be pigeonhole us as a “metal” band or a “heavy blues” band or a “ballad” band. That’s just what we’ve done so far. a few more curveballs ahead.


• So who handles the main songwriting process, or do you work together with Danny Miranda and Jules Radino?

I was the primary songwriter on the first three tracks, but with massive creative contributions from Jules and Danny that helped shape the final product. not to mention the role of our producer tony Bruno, which has been absolutely crucial to structure and arrangement. Tony plays a mean rhythm guitar too. on our latest track, “Push Comes To Shove,” Danny Miranda wrote the vocal melody, which is killer.


• If I may ask, is Tony Bruno’s production role, only technical and supervision?
Without a doubt, tony is the 5th man, technically and creatively. He has an ear for arrangement. He has a strong rock sensibility that brings out the full potential of the songs. Did I mention he plays mean guitar too?


• I have been always wondering since a band include masterful musicians does it make the whole process easier or more complicated?
This band has been a dream to work with. the professionalism is a blessing because the execution is flawless. but these guys play hungry and have a say, which has made the music that much more interesting.


As I noticed diversity in songs, the same for the featured musicians, what measures determine choosing a specific artist for your upcoming single?
We’ve liked pushing outside our comfort zones and recruiting vocalists who are willing to do that with us. todd latorre is one of the greatest metal singers alive. he really had to stay coiled tight on “Voices in My Head.” it suited the song. of course, we let him do his thing on “The Mirror Lies.”


Three successful hits and the fourth is coming out soon, still, aren’t you considering an album soon?
We’re eking out an album one track at a time. I’m mindful that everyone in this band has full-time jobs as touring musicians. I get the luxury to back and write.


Although you have a great audio streaming activity I couldn’t find any music video, are you aiming to release one soon?
We have a terrific video for losing myself. it was directed by foad Farid who did Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night.” There is also a video being shot for “Push.”

A veteran metal God such as Halford with a young metal Goddess like Militia Vox. Fans are curious to know more about such a recording process, how was it?
They recorded their parts individually. Halford was just a monster, hitting his parts, again and again, getting stronger and stronger with each take. And Militia is a force of nature. That voice conjures such power, emotion, and texture. They complimented each other perfectly I think. 

Does the main core of the band is to feature a rock/metal icon in every new single?
Yes, I think that’s the one constant in the band-we gravitate towards outstanding vocalists who are willing to push the envelope creatively.


The ’80s spirit is pretty obvious, still, aren’t you afraid that may affect the band’s popularity in such a trendy-pop world nowadays?

In the ’80s and ’90s, everyone asked Oasis and the Black Crows if their classic sounds would turn off younger listeners. That’s several platinum albums ago for those bands. same with Greta van fleet today. so were ok with having a timeless sound. the songs are finding an audience and metal and hard rock is showing signs of a resurgence. so we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing.


Finally, thank you for the chat and we are very honoured really. Tell your fans more about the upcoming 2021 plans.
We’re going to complete this album and throw a few more curves at our fans. maybe play a show somewhere… 

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Mena Ezzat